Saturday Top 5: Songs named after a woman

Many Rock songs are written to or about girls. Many times, the artist is recalling someone they loved, or someone they want be with. This week’s top 5 is all about songs named after a woman.  They are not necessarily the best songs that are named after a woman, but songs that are notorious for the name of the song.

Honorable Mention:

Mustang Sally – Wilson Pickett

Jessica – Allman Brothers

Rosanna – Toto

Roxanne – The Police

#5 Billie Jean – Michael Jackson. If Billie Jean was about a little boy, then we may be more suspicious about the lyrics. But who knows? Poor Michael can’t catch a break here, can he? We know that Billie Jean is not your lover.

#4 Layla – Eric Clapton (Derek and the Dominoes). This song is about Clapton’s love for George Harrison’s wife Pattie. Eventually, Pattie left George for Clapton, and Clapton and George Harrison remained very close friends even after the event. George actually played at Eric and Pattie’s wedding reception. That is totally wild, and not in a good way. I guess all you need is love. LOL

#3 My Sharona – The Knack. I don’t know any Sharona’s, and I don’t even think I have ever met a Sharona. But if I did, I would have to sing this song to her. This one always gets people’s feet tapping. The word is that the success of this song ruined the band that wrote it. It was actually a punk band, and success for punk artists in the late 70’s and early 80’s made them “sell outs”. People were actually wearing shirts that said “Nuke the Knack”. Also, this tune pinned them in a corner, and it’s success was never approached again. This is also a great Karaoke tune!

#2 Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl) – Looking Glass. This classic tune is always on the tip of everyone’s tongue when a girl named Brandy comes in the room. Ask any girl named Brandy if anyone has ever sung this song to them, and they will certainly answer in the affirmative.

#1 Michelle – The Beatles. Without a doubt, this song is the best tune named for a woman. Who was Michelle? Paul apparently would try to act French (why?) to impress the girls. He wrote an instrumental, and both Paul and John collaborated on the lyrics of Paul’s catchy tune.
Have any others? I know some more great tunes, but I didn’t include them because they were not quite there!


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5 responses to “Saturday Top 5: Songs named after a woman

  1. kc2

    I also like G’nR – My Michelle, Incubus – Anna Molly, RHCP – Dani California, Beatles – Eleanor Rigby, and Darling Nikki.

  2. ‘Georgia On My Mind'(Ray Charles)–It ain’t about a state; this rendition one has a great flute back-up

    ‘Windy'(The Association)–

    ‘Help Me Rhonda'(Beach Boys)–

    ‘Sherry'(Frankie Vali and the Four Seasons)–

    ‘Sherry, Darling'(Bruce Springsteen)–
    ‘ Oh Donna'(Frankie Valens)–
    ‘Mrs. Brown You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter–
    ‘Maria, Maria’ (Santana’s hit)–

    ‘My Cherie, Amour’ (Stevie Wonder)Is it a real girl’s name or just French? Who knows?–

    Any of the above are, IMO, more deserving of the top five listing than #s 2-5.

    But the greatest number one Girl Name song of all is ‘Ann’ sung by Glen Campbell. I couldn’t find Campbell’s on Youtube, but I did find John Denver’s version–

  3. Here’s a clip of Glenn Campbell singing the best song named after a woman…ever, period!

  4. I agree that “Help Me Rhonda”, My Sheri Amor”, and Georgia On My Mind” are significant enough to warrant a mention, but they are especially good for muzak on an elevator or in a restaurant.

    Georgia On My Mind is ambiguous enough to be considered a song about the state, though the author’s sister was named Georgia.

    None of the above could sniff the top 5 though.

  5. billyfinch

    “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond, you still hear it all over on the moldies stations, and elevators everywhere.

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