Shark Fishing from a Canoe in the Middle of the Night

Last night, I went out to Card Sound to tool around, try to catch some snapper, and maybe even a couple sharks.  I gotta say, Dave V is a maniac!  It’s almost midnight, and we are in a canoe buzzing around through the mangroves with a couple of lights, life jackets, a cooler, tackle boxes and fishing poles.  We stayed in the canoe for about 20 minutes.  LOL I am brave, SOMETIMES, but when we almost tipped and I started thinking about losing my cell, wallet, tackle, etc, and then I would have had to swim to a shallow enough area to flip the boat back over and all the hassle that would take, I just told Dave, lets head back in and hit a couple of bridges.  The fish were there, though.  We had a large snook, tarpon, or cuda feeding right beside the canoe at one point.  It was pretty big too.   Anyway, we ended up catching a schoolmaster and mangrove snapper, waded around scoping an area out for some more lobster (I did grab a big one, but it took off) for regular season that opens in a couple days, and we had a great time.  Oh yea, a large shrimp jumped in the boat, too.  I will not be heading out in the middle of the night any time soon in a canoe for shark, but maybe I will give it a try during the day.


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4 responses to “Shark Fishing from a Canoe in the Middle of the Night

  1. Ela

    Boy I’m glad you think that’s not a good idea…HUM…..Wonder what Marcela would have done to you…LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ed Herrera

    I do a bit of fishing off a kayak here in Miami and the Upper Keys and was wondering where abouts do you put in when you go canoe fishing in Card Sound (off the east/west side of the bridge or off the side of the road – north or south side). Also I’ve been wanting to fish around the big bridge – how strong does the current get underneath the bridge? Is it manageable with a paddle? I like an adventure just like the next guy, but I’d rather not have to end up miles away from where I put in! Many thanks for you comments.

  3. Ed, if you are coming from Key Largo on Card Sound Road, there is a ramp/beach on the north side of the road before you get to the bridge. You can put in there and there is parking for your car right there. The bridge is about a quarter of a mile + or – from that point. The current does get very strong under the bridge during the peak of the tidal movement, but if you stay in the protected areas that shield you from the tide, it’s easy to navigate even with a paddle. You shouldn’t end up miles from where you put in.

  4. i love fishing from my canoe. i have a mad river and just got a trailer for it. so now i can take it anywhere. but ya i worry about dumping it over and getin my phone keys and other stuff wet. im thinking bout getin a outrigger or something for it.

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