Thought Shells

-My mind has been on fishing for weeks now. With lobster season officially kicking off yesterday, I’m dreaming even more.
-I found a good spot to catch lobster. Friday night I am going to grab a few, and Saturday or Sunday, I will get a few more.
-Football season is approaching. Available Saturdays will be spent watching the Canes whoop up on their opposition.
-There is some optimism that the Canes are moving in the right direction with Shannon at the helm. I believe the Canes will be bowl bound this season.
-Who would have thought that a Canes fan would be setting his sights on making a bowl game? We are supposed to compete for National Championships, not just bowl games and conference titles.
-I still haven’t decided if I am going to be able to get season tickets this year. I should. It has been about 3 or 4 years since I’ve been a season ticket holder.
-My low carb trend has been good. It has pushed me into a new realm of BBQ skills. Last night I smoked some chicken and grilled churrasco. Excellent!
-I am having some weird swelling and itching on the side of my face and the knuckles of my fingertips. It might be some type of allergic reaction or mosquito bites.
-Once again, I cannot wait to be at church this Sunday. Jesse and the crew are going to rock the house!
-I have to say, blog traffic has been steadily increasing over the past few weeks. August 1, I actually set a record and it nearly doubled my old record.
-Blogging has been a pretty fun adventure. Trav has been trying to get me started for several years. I am glad I listened.
-I spent yesterday at Marcela’s classroom while she set up her bulletin boards, desks, folders, etc, for school which starts next week.


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4 responses to “Thought Shells

  1. I’m glad that you listened to Trav too, for you are my favourite blogger in the entire world ! I think it’s because you copied so freely from my blog. πŸ˜†

    It’s all good. I love the competition. You and I have learned the fine art of counterprogramming our respective blogs.

    Keep on blogging away ! I’m reading !

  2. I enjoy your blog very much, too! Out of curiosity, name the items that I have copied from your blog. πŸ™‚

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  4. sharprightturn

    The itching and swelling could be poison ivy…. I had it in July so bad my eye was swollen shut…took 3 weeks for the itching to stop….I still itch every now and then….

    I have heard of several people with bad poison ivy reactions this year….

    Just a thought….

    Like your blog…thanks for commenting on mine!

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