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The Beijing fakery scandal deepens.

I am not surprised. We have more admissions by Beijing that the opening ceremony was fake. The 9 year old girl who appeared to have sung the national anthem for the opening ceremony actually lip sync’ed the song which was recorded previously by a 7 year old. The 7 year old was rejected for the leading role in the ceremony having been deemed unsuited for the stage because her teeth were not nice enough.

This is what happens when an authoritarian regime tries to project an image of national perfection. Symbolism over substance, as Rush would quite often say, is very important to a nation and government struggling for recognition and respect.


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Beijing olympic fakery.

I found an article outlining accusations, responses, and analysis of the fakery produced by Beijing and NBC’s coverage. This, to me, underscores the fact that the “mainstream” media outlets cannot be trusted. They actually added pre-recorded and CGI fireworks to the olympic opening ceremony. They also admittedly leave the “Live” stamp on the screen for the west coast viewers who are watching delays of two to three hours. Their claim is that knowledgeable viewers understand that there is a delay. It’s obvious that they are trying to add a sense of urgency and excitement that one is watching something live in order to boost the ratings. The offense with the openning ceremony and the fake fireworks is even worse. It’s bad enough that we are in a communist nation for the olympic games, but to add to the production and spectacle complicit with Beijing is even more sickening. How can anything they do or report be trusted? NBC should be ashamed.


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