The Beijing fakery scandal deepens.

I am not surprised. We have more admissions by Beijing that the opening ceremony was fake. The 9 year old girl who appeared to have sung the national anthem for the opening ceremony actually lip sync’ed the song which was recorded previously by a 7 year old. The 7 year old was rejected for the leading role in the ceremony having been deemed unsuited for the stage because her teeth were not nice enough.

This is what happens when an authoritarian regime tries to project an image of national perfection. Symbolism over substance, as Rush would quite often say, is very important to a nation and government struggling for recognition and respect.


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3 responses to “The Beijing fakery scandal deepens.

  1. A fake cheering section in the stands, fake singing by a little girl, fake footsteps above Beijing, fake barricades hiding real poverty, fake 16-year olds. Is there anything about these Chinese Olympics, apart from the athletic performances themselves, that are real? I am all-too familiar with the Asian concept of “face” and the practice of presenting your “best face” to visiting friends. But what the Chinese call “presenting your best face” is smacking of fakery to everyone else. Who are they trying to fool? Anyone with eyes can see that some of the Chinese female gymnasts are nowhere near 16 years old, everyone can see the empty stands, everyone can see the poverty in the streets. Perhaps the only thing that is real in these Olympics is the one thing that China, much to their dismay, can’t hide — their smoggy, pollution-infested skies. But not for a lack of trying. I think if it were economically possible to build a pavilion encasing the total area of all the Olympic venues, they would have.

  2. Excellent insight. It seems, though, that Beijing along with NBC has done a good job of discounting and quieting the issues with regard to the pollution.

  3. john

    get a life already
    so what if it was not the real girl
    so you dont care if she looked not as good? yeah right
    we would only know if it actually happened the other way
    besides the girl already knew and was proud so what is your problem?
    do you really think a girl so average looking would have any place in such an event? i think NOT. only that girl GOT IT and is really grateful for at least being a part of it
    besides it was not like the other girl was stealing HER material
    they were SHARING
    and oh yes it is like being a host and having guests over, china worked hard to make things perfect and i say BRAVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
    they did perfect job to entertain the world so how about a thank you or shut your trap
    ok, but for the record I am a moron.

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