Saturday Top 5: Reasons to Attend Life Pointe Church

I thank the Lord for my job, and His provision through my employment, but the unfortunate part is that due to my work schedule I cannot be at church with my Life Pointe brothers and sisters every other week. Being at church on Sunday morning is something I look forward to each chance I get. Life Pointe is a fast growing body of believers in Homestead, just outside of Miami in South Florida. We meet in a theater off the Turnpike and Campbell Drive. We also have a large number of people in the church who have blogs. Above all things, the best thing about Life Pointe Church is the life changing message of the gospel of Jesus that is shared each week. This week’s list is going to review the top 5 reasons to attend Life Pointe. Feel free to add to the list anything I may have left off.

#5. St. Arbucks. Along with Ela (who is definitely a saint), Nancy, Arlene, my own mom, and many other saints, St. Arbucks is available to provide caffeine to all who seek. Along with tasty treats like bagels and the occasional donuts or muffins, the free fresh hot Starbucks coffee really helps get you going on Sunday morning.

#4. Rockin Music – Along with some of the best and most current praise and worship, the Life Pointe band (led by TSP’s Jesse Santoyo) kicks out smooth tunes from U2, Dave Matthews Band, and the Eagles, occasionally some street sounds like Rapper’s Delight, bluesy Bill Withers stuff, and some solid rock tunes from the Beatles, ZZ Top, and Pink Floyd.

#3. The Coolest Videos – Jesse, the worship and arts pastor produces some of the funniest videos. The recurring cast in the comedic bumper and promo videos include Alex speaking Charlie Brown, mischievous Nathan, an arrogant Chris, cell phone Gio, crybaby Ritz, Venus rolling her eyes, Scottish Zech, and others. You can count on fake old western style handlebar mustaches to show up literally everywhere in the videos. Other videos and short movies are dramatic and contain deep meaningful messages that prick our conscience. As a Life Pointe attender or member, you have a chance to be cast in a video clip or movie.
#2. Come as you are. – At LPC, legalistic judgmentalism is not what we specialize in. Life Pointe people specialize in loving each other. Discipleship, training, obedience to God’s commandments, and the great commission are necessary parts of the Christian walk, and Life Pointe does also specialize in these areas. If you are comfortable in shorts, or a suit, you will fit in at LPC. We don’t speak fluent Christianese, so you don’t have to break out your thee’s, thou’s, hither’s and whence’s. We have the friendliest volunteers and staff, and there will always be a place for you!
#1. The Message – The messages on Sunday morning will not leave you seeking a translator, lexicon, or theologian in order to understand. Pastor Travis brings a message that will land in your lap, and can be used wherever you are in life. Sometimes the delivery is funny, sometimes serious, but always congruent with the Word of God. The website has podcasts and vidcasts available so you can see and hear what to expect on Sunday morning.

A list of only the top 5 is too short to truly detail the reasons to attend LPC, and I hope others will add on. It is definitely the highlight of my two week schedule. I hope to see you there!


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4 responses to “Saturday Top 5: Reasons to Attend Life Pointe Church

  1. ritzcrackah

    “crybaby Ritz”? Jeez…I knew that would haunt me…Why couldn’t you have said “Michael Buffer Ritz”? “This mustache is very uncomfortableeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

  2. Ela

    Phil thanks for “the saint”. I am not a saint I just LOVE JESUS any way and by any means and have been blessed by my family (you all) that it makes it easy to pray for others, love others and spread the word all over. I am in great company with these ladies.:)
    I love LPC and even if I can’t be there I can’t wait to watch it come Monday. That’s my best day I get to greet our new guests and get to watch the sermon, how great is that. Amen

    I love you all so very, very much. To all that read this that do not attend LPC give us a try you won’t be sorry.

  3. Anne J

    We have secure, fun environments for the kids where they learn about Jesus.

    Oh, yeah, too, we have cool stuff…like LPC mugs, tshirts, aprons, shawls, and a great big billboard on US 1 that tells everyone that we “rock”.

  4. Anne J. (your Mom for those that didn’t know) is one of my personal TOP 5 reasons for being a part of the Life Pointe Church family. After the handshakes and the hugs at the front door from complete strangers she was the first person that introduced herself to me and officially welcomed me to the family as a 1ST-Time Guest. She introduced me to Casey W. (thinking that I was about half of my actual age). Once she discovered that I was approaching 40-years-old she put me to work ! 😀

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