LPC Talk Soup, Fay, and Michael Phelps

As of right now, your regularly scheduled Talk Soup has been postponed until next week. Due to the outage at Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant and school being back in session tomorrow, both regular guest writers may be unavailable. If anything changes, I will keep you posted.

Tropical Storm Fay looks to be on a path toward the central Florida area after it crosses over the FL Keys. The projected path sends it over the Gulf of Mexico and past our lat between Monday and Tuesday. PTN may be short on Hurricane volunteers so I may be held over tomorrow. I’m praying that it stays far enough west that we don’t get hit with the nasty wind and rain, and that when/if it lands it won’t hurt those on FL’s west coast.

Last night, I stayed up until after 11 PM to watch Michael Phelps break the record for most gold medals in one Olympic games. In the third leg of his 4×100 M medley relay, Phelps has a lightning fast split. He really pulled away from his competitors to give Lezak a nice cushion for the freestyle leg. It was an awesome moment! I am also relieved for him that now he gets to relax and enjoy the rest of the games without having to compete. It’s great to have seen history made, even though I am worn out and suffering because I didn’t go to bed at a decent hour. Phelps, at 23, is now arguably the greatest athlete in history. Keep in mind that Spitz won 7 golds in 13 races, Phelps won 8 golds but had to race 17 times to get them. Spitz had 7 world records, and Phelps won 7 world records. Phelps has already said that he will compete in London 2012. Congrats to Phelps and team USA!


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3 responses to “LPC Talk Soup, Fay, and Michael Phelps

  1. Anne J

    Get some rest tonight, mi hijo. Tomorrow could be a looooooong day.

  2. WAAAAAAYYYY to early to call him the greatest athlete in history—some Olympians like Carl Lewis, Jesse Owens and Jim Thorpe come to mind….

    p.s. Phil, if you try to argue this, TS/Hurricane Fay has reached our shores, shook you up with its winds and flooded your brains with water…

  3. Victor, you need to dissect what I said. I did not say that Phelps is the greatest athlete. I said that he is arguably the greatest athlete. If you go by accomplishments, he is the world’s greatest Olympian. The Olympics is the world’s greatest sporting event and the biggest compilation of the world’s best athletes. At 23, with more Olympics to come, he has shattered the record for most gold medals overall and most in one Olympic games.

    There is your argument. Now make your argument for why he is not.

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