EIB Award

Today’s EIB Award for excellence was close. Both posts were on the comedic side.

The Runner Up

Bill Tells the World “Kiss My Grits

And the winner of the EIB award making a return visit is Pastor Travis with his Brother Barry Remix entitled “Get Off Your Butts and Praise the Lord“.


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4 responses to “EIB Award

  1. billyfinch

    Dang! What I gotta do to win the #1?

  2. Don’t be a sore loser. You’re crowding my moment, Finch.

  3. billyfinch

    LOL! Brother Barry rocks.

  4. Congratulations Travis ! I shall gladly hand over the EIB Trophy to you for your win this week, but be on the lookout. I’ll be ferociously competing for the award again during this upcoming blogging week ! 8)

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