I Was Having Beijing Flashbacks

While I was watching the Democratic national convention last night, I was asking myself how anyone could actually believe that stuff. The way they idolized Ted Kennedy, the drunk driving limousine bleeding heart liberal, was particularly annoying. Caroline Kennedy’s speech came across as robotic and monotone, totally canned. If the Democrats had selected a moderate or someone with palatable views, this election would already be over. The problem is that they cannot help but select ultra liberal types who promise the world.

During the speech, my mind was flashing back to the Beijing opening ceremony of the Olympics where the fakery was less evident.


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7 responses to “I Was Having Beijing Flashbacks

  1. RobertoReports

    I know bro, it’s unbelivable some people would actually stomach that load of crap, the dems live in lala land.

  2. P.J.,
    How shocking ! All this time I thought you were one of them – a Democrat ! Now I find out that you’re not ? ! (Just kidding.)
    Why are you watching this week’s convention anyway ? 🙄

  3. billyfinch

    Yeah I was having a hard time getting to sleep and turned it on, BOOM out like a light!

    Are we really that shallow of a collective nation of people to swallow this garbage?

  4. Anne J

    The kool-aid drinkers are frightening…too many shallow minds that would rather believe the “stuff” they hear than research the issues/beliefs themselves.

    (Must admit…I’ve been watching …some)

  5. Roberto, people are either looking to soothe their aching conscience with the Robin Hood mentality, or they are plain socialistic in their world view. Either way, naivety is running rampant.

    Chris, it’s called opposition research!

    Billy, you are right on. Great sleep aid advice.

    Mama J, how dare you! 🙂

  6. I with yall… I caught some of convention last night when the world’s savior was speaking…yepp..that would be Hillary! I’m just waiting for her to start her own religion like Oprah..instead of A New Earth.. it’ll be A New Office!
    I’m with you Anne… it was so sad to see how gullible people are… All the people crying and whatnot when Saint Hillary was speakin… it was nausiating to say the least. I was thinking though how it would be great if we could get that amount of people that excited about Jesus!

    Although I must admit Hillary provided some comic relief … I did get quite a chuckle out of Hillary’s opening lines… “I’m a proud Mother “… “I’m a proud American”… “I’m a proud Democrat “!
    I wanted to see if she had the nerve to say ..”I’m a proud wife” nope didn’t happen… too funny! Oh don’t get me started on Hillary.

  7. Anne J


    that (lack of “I’m a proud wife”) struck me right at that moment as well! wow! (as in unbelieveable “wow”). All this gooey fluff is sickening (but I’m watching Bill C as I write…lol)

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