Monday Armchair Reflections

College football is in full swing now and a few things are clear:

Michigan stinks again. Utah beat them in their home opener. OK, so they are not App St, but this was still a major upset. I’m sure the Wolverines will once again benefit from a soft schedule and make a bowl game.

UF is good and will be a bigtime favorite over Miami in “The Swamp” next week.

Clemson didn’t have the guns to hang with Nick Satan and the Tide; it may be a long year for the overrated Tigers.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute (VT) was overrated. ECU is pretty much a garbage puke program and should not be competing with or much less beating a so-called elite team like the Hokie Pokies.

USC is for real; let’s see if anyone out west can hang with them this year. OSU has no competition either. There is a strong possibility that based on the soft schedules, that could be your championship match up.

Nobody really knows how the Canes will do this year. We took care of business against a lousy team on Thursday night, but that game didn’t tell us very much.

****It is not too late to sign up for LPC‘s fantasy football and pro football pickem. The season will start in week 2, and the Draft has been postponed from tonight to be held this coming Sunday night at 5:00 PM instead. Visit here for all the details on how to join!. Pastor Travis has already stated that he is going to dominated everyone.

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