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For Mayor Nagin and President Bush, Gustav Means a Second Chance

This story is a great example how time and experience can make us better.

“I don’t think I can do another Katrina, but I can definitely do what we’re doing today because it’s smooth, it’s effective, and it’s getting the job done,” Nagin said Sunday from the train station where residents were boarding evacuation buses in a scene that was far less chaotic than during Katrina. “And we’ll be able to get our people back with little hassle.”

Personally, I have been thoroughly impressed with how the city of New Orleans, State of Louisiana, and the federal government handled this in the run up to a potential disaster. It seems that everyone has learned not only how to handle the pressure of the media scrutiny, but have also learned how to show people that there is help. The urgency of the disaster preparation this time around and the confidence of Mayor Nagin (as opposed to his whining, crying, and victimization of Katrina) has been refreshing. Jindal and Bush have really done well, too.

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The Muppets Run for POTUS!

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