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Ike Computer Models Update

As you can see, the current models are pretty much in agreement that the storm will either hit Cuba, go between Cuba and the Keys, or hit the lower Keys directly.  We are anything but out of the woods yet, but I feel better this evening than I did this morning.

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The EIB Award

This week’s winner of the EIB award for excellence in blogging knocked it out of the park. The entry contained some nostalgia, pictures, and a look ahead at what might be! But first, it was a close week and I have to give credit for the runner up.

Jesse gives us a glimpse at his fine acting skills in a new motion picture with some still shots of his starring role as a grocery store floor man. Just in case you can’t quite make his face, he tagged them.

And the winner is…
Kelly’s Yikes Ike blog. It has a little of everything. Some cuteness from Kourtney, Julie, and Sara, a nostalgic look back at a past hurricane with Manny and his fam teamed up with Trav and his fam to make it through the times without electricity, and a look ahead at the projected path of Ike (that we don’t like).

Congrats Kelly!


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Friday Bottom 3: Movie Remakes

Some movie remakes ruin the original, some originals need modern effects and updated acting and culture to bring them to our time, and some movies just should not be remade. What category do you think these movies fall into?

Dis-Honorable Mention:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – The only reason this movie did not make the bottom 3 was that it wasn’t 100% a remake. It was a reinventing of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory which according to what I have read was somewhat darker and more loyal to the novel. Regardless, the original was a classic and was good enough!

101 Dalmations – A translation from animation to motion picture, this was a stinker and should not have been made.

#3. Psycho – Most critics agree that this movie brought nothing new, original, or better in any aspect compared to the original. This movie also fits into the category of those movies that should not be remade. The original was almost perfect.

#2. King Kong – This is the 1976 remake with Jeff Bridges. The major differences between the 1933 original and this one are: The original was shocking and imaginative while the 70’s remake was not; the original used ground breaking special effects while the 70’s remake used a man in a monkey suit; and the original contained excellent acting… You get the “picture”. I am glad Peter Jackson remade the remake.

#1. Planet of the Apes – SPOILER ALERT While the original did have men dressed in monkey suits, the concept is one of the aspects that really made the movie great. Earth sends astronauts to explore, they land on a planet where man does not speak and apes are intellegent. The ending which was totally removed in the remake revealed that the planet was earth and “they blew it up!”. The remake brought a little more action but none of the drama or shock of the original. The difference was so great that this movie earns #1.

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