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Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup

  • I made it to the theater this morning at 7:37 AM to find David getting out the flags, and the LPC set up crew in full swing. It felt different this morning, like something really cool was going to happen.
  • Set up and sound check was complete by about 8:05, and the band got a chance to run through the worship tunes for the morning. We hammered out some rough parts and were finished by 8:35.
  • The atmosphere this morning in service was electric. The early service was energized and the crowd numbers had recovered from the previous week’s downpours and squalls from the outer feeder bands of Gustav.
  • The music this morning was “Salvation is Here” followed by “Your Grace is Enough” both led by Mike B, and finally “It is You” which I was forced by Jesse to lead. The band was Alex (The Beat Machine) on the drums, Billy Barue on the bass, Jesse on rhythm guitar, I was on keys. Nirian, Julie, Jesse, and Reina, Mike B, and I were on vocals. The band and voices were exceptional this morning particularly because the corporate worship was so unified. I especially liked “Your Grace is Enough”. For greeting the band went blues brothers with the shades as we sang “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers. For communion, Jesse led “You Are My King”.
  • The message by Pastor Trav was very engaging, and relevant. He finished the series “Loaded” this weak and talked about debt. For more on the message, be sure to check out the take by Chris and Trav. I really took home a lot from this message.
  • The bumper videos were excellent, especially the promo for the upcoming Habakkuk series. It looks like it will be a great series that kicks off as we go to three servics, 830, 945, and 1100. The regular attenders were asked to step up and attend the 830, I will join you there. Jesse also asked us to “Pass out and invite our friends.”
  • After church, Bill and his fam, Kelly and the kids, my dad, and Tammy joined Marcela and me at Sonny’s for some good ole BBQ. We had a great time.
After service, lunch at Sonny's BBQ.

After service, lunch at Sonny

  • Following that, Paul and Trav met up with me at my mom and dad’s house to complete our Life Pointe fantasy football draft. My team is loaded! Of course, there are only 8 teams.
  • Hey, don’t forget to check out Kelly’s Chick Kabob too!

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