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Hurricane Repellent Kit

Hurricane Repellent Kit

Hurricane Repellent Kit

For the low, low price of just 3 paments of $29.99 +$9.99 shipping and handling, you too can have your very own hurricane repellent kit with a limited guarantee to protect you in the event of an approaching tropical system.  The kit includes one can of Vienna Sausages, a 12 pack of batteries (choose from AA or AAA), and one bottle of purified water.  Instructions are simple: board or shutter all windows and get your hurricane kit out.  The hurricane will change course and hit someone else.  If the hurricane does hit, as the winds start to pick up just open the water bottle and vienna sausages and consume.  Besure to place the batteries into a flashlight and/or a radio and turn them on.  You will be safe!  This comes with a full money back guarantee.  Just pay shipping and handling.


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Reflections from an Armchair Athlete

  • The Miami Hurricanes gave me hope.  Even in a loss, the Canes have shown that even though they are young, not fully physically mature, and inexperienced, they are FAST, they are talented, and they will be very good.  The QB Marve looks like he will be the real deal.  Our D is going to be tough to score on.
  • LPC fantasy football draft yesterday left me loaded but with some major dilemmas.   I have to kicker, but with all the talent I have, I will have to cut a stud or major sleeper just to field a complete roster.  Do I find a way to trade TO for Stephen Jackson?  I am light at the WR position.  With Tony Romo and Phillip Rivers, I am set at QB.  This league with only 8 teams will be all about who manages their team best.  One player will not win it all this year unless everyone is in a coma.  Pastor Trav is a master of working the waivers.  Poor Paul lost his first pick of the draft (Brady) possibly for the whole season.  Mark S. had the best draft for starting players with A Peterson, J Whitten, Edge, Wayne, and Favre.  That is a tough lineup.
  • The Colts lost the opener and they looked unprepared.  What will happen this year?  Looks like they were not focused, Chicago came out ready to play, and just looked like the better team.  Alex got this one right.  I called him crazy for that prediction just as I called him crazy for saying the Giants would win in the NFC finals and then the Super Bowl.
  • Miami Dolphins looked much improved.  Even though they lost, I am excited about Pennington at QB.  He looked very competent.  I expect we will win more than 1 game this year.  Miami became the 1st team in the past 7 who only one a single game the previous year to lose the season opener.  Go figure.

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