Presidential Election Turned Upside Down

Who would have thought that at this point in the campaign: Obama would be struggling to meet fundraising benchmarks, he would be trying to hide celebrities, as the ticket of “change” he would be running with an establishment Democrat (Biden) while trying to suppress his opposition by saying the VP is too inexperienced; that McCain who is a long term senator would be running his campaign on the theme of “change”, his VP candidate (Palin) would be the most popular politician in the US, his campaign would be destroying fundraising benchmarks and being greeted with huge record crowds, his VP would be the “Rock Star”, old white Republican men would be stating that a woman is best equipped to be vice president while liberal feminists would be saying that a mother of 5 should not be VP but should stay home and take care of the kids?


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2 responses to “Presidential Election Turned Upside Down

  1. billyfinch

    Speaking with a friend of mine we agreed after seeing the Obama speech that it was over at that point we have our president. The speech and whole side show associated with it was delivered with such precision and very few flaws.

    The very next day McCain completely diffused the whole thing, it was shear brilliance from a strategy standpoint and Obama can’t even buy a headline. This should be and is a defining moment for politics in this country, looks to me and many others like the real “change” is happening on the conservative side. Women and supporters of womens rights should be flocking over to the “dark side”.

  2. Good point, the table has flipped. The Democratic Party is running scared, Sarah Palin is all on Obama’s face the way Hilary wasn’t, Obama is irritated and acting like a misbehave child, talking tough, he doesn’t know how to handle it because it is not his game, the main stream media is discredited and….

    I’m loving every minute of it!

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