The EIB Award

This week’s EIB award for Excellence In Blogging has to go to one man.  This post summarizes the week and this season.  But first, a couple posts that were so close!

Jesse’s getting the word out, there are 3 services, cafe con leche for early birds, and wear your chucks!  I love the pics too.

Rebecca lets us in on how God is moving on campus.

The winner of the EIB award goes to…

Billy Finch for his on target assessment of this year’s hurricane season!


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3 responses to “The EIB Award

  1. billyfinch

    Nooooway! I am like in the blog zone!!!

  2. I demand a recount. I see hanging chads galore here !

  3. billyfinch

    Hey leave my friend Chad out of this ya’ bully!

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