Sunday at Turkey Point

There are a few puffy white clouds floating across a mostly blue sky. I am sitting by the edge of Biscayne Bay and I can look right across to see the City of Miami skyline. It would be a great day to be out on the water fishing or diving. Most of all I would like to be at church for the kick off of our 3 services. The new message series looks very interesting as well. I love the promo video. Ol’ Atom Splitter will be guest writing the talk soup today. I look forward to that. Though I have to work today, I thank God that he has for His provision.


Filed under church, life pointe, work, worship

2 responses to “Sunday at Turkey Point

  1. Ela Bella

    I know how you feel. I wish I was at church as well not only to hear the message but to help out in all three services. That’s my wish for the future.:)

    Love ya…

  2. alexsantoyo

    Bears Lost. Darn IT!!!

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