Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup (late edition)

Thanks to Ol’ Atom Splitter for filling in this week!

By Ol’ Atom Splitter

Postal Power

It was evident that a mail-out went to the community in the last few days. People were bringing their cards with them as if to verify that this is the church that “piques my interest/curiosity with these messages I get in my mail box.” They readily produce their card when asked how they found out about Life-Pointe, as if it were a pass, an authorization, a justification for being there. It is so cool and so wonderful to see them return, not out of curiosity, but rather just because they want to.
Life-Pointe’s Musical Expression
The musical gang was in full complement today, except for Our Man Flint out at Turkey Point whom the President has commissioned to protect South Florida and perhaps the entire USA from terrorists, Kamikazes and assorted other bad guys. Though we missed him on the bass, his spot was filled expertly by the musician/blogger, Bill Finch, and the music was uplifting. I always love, “Let The Redeemed Say So”. I observed many others today responding to its powerful lyrical and spiritual qualities. “More Than Enough” and “Salvation Is Here” also drew us into His Presence.
Habakkuk, the Complainer
Travis broached the issue of the dip in the main message portion of the service today. I know it by different names according to the issues at hand–in real estate, buyer’s remorse–at work, battle fatigue–in relationships, the first argument that tests a new friendship. In the book of Habakkuk the dip was that the prophet was complaining to God about the prosperity of the wicked and the suffering of the good. Habakkuk’s dilemma was a fresh reminder to seasoned veterans of the Cross and a “heads-up” to new believers about disillusionment on their journey with the Lord. “Stuff” sometimes happens to the good and good fortune sometimes happens to the wicked.
Thus Habakkuk’s burden, his utterance, his oracle is actually a complaint to God. Strange, eh? Is it possible or logical that God can inspire someone to question the ways of the Almighty? That’s where the dip shows up on the power point graph. Is it okay to question God? To ask Him, “Since You are Omniscient and Omnipotent, why don’t you do something about these injustices?” Is it unspiritual or faithless or–egad–sinful? I guess if a prophet did it under the Anointing, it must not be so unusual or unspiritual or bad for us average believers to think that way now and again.
For me the big takeaway in today’s message is this: faith itself is only necessary because there has been doubt about an issue. We need not exert faith about issues for which there is absolute certainty. It was a great message. It makes me want to hear the rest of the story that you know is coming in this series on Habakkuk.

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  1. Victor

    Our Man Flint out at Turkey Point whom the President has commissioned to protect South Florida and perhaps the entire USA from terrorists, Kamikazes and assorted other bad guys…


    We’re doomed…

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