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Life Pointe Fantasy Football Report

Here are the winners and losers in the first week of fantasy football…

Pastor Trav’s “TJ’s BIGG DOGGS were annihilated by Jesse’s “Fuser Heads” 115-71.  Uncharacteristically, Pastor Trav started a player whose game was canceled by Hurricane Ike.  It didn’t make enough of a difference since 3 of Jesse’s players (Portis, Brandon Marshall, and Brian Westbrook) equalled TJ’s BIGG DOGGS entire starting roster.  Big start for the novice, Fuser Heads.

My “Citizen Cane” squad had to make a comeback against the upstart “Puttin on the Ritz” squad of Ritz Crackah.  Thanks to Tony Romo and Terrel Owens who hooked up for two TD passes early, that was all I needed to make up the 8 point deficit going into the game.  Even one of the TD’s for Ritz’s Marion Barber was offset by the fact that Romo threw it to him.  Good try Ritz, but you have a lot to learn young man.  Final Score 91-81.

Brother Oral Beason’s “bachrach” came up short against Paul Hollified’s “Skins” 75-71 in the only battle of two fantasy football veterans.  Thanks to Kurt Warner’s performance against the pathetic Dolphins, Paul eeked out the win in the low scoring affair.  Congrats Paul!

The game of the week featured 2 of the 3 highest scoring teams.  Mark’s “Fuzzy’s Dead Heads” outlasted Zech’s “Turkey Buzzards 122-116.  14 points from the Dallas Kicker and 18 points from the NY Giants’ defense made the scoring across the board for the Dead Heads very even… except for the one player that didn’t even see the field. That’s right!  Andre Johnson, whose game was postponed due to Ike was in Fuzzy’s starting line up.  He would have had even more with a player in the starting lineup that actually played.

In pro pickem, I finished the week with 6 correct picks out of 13 with one push and one postponed game.  There were several games that late plays changed my fate.  Dallas could not quite put enough points on the board to make the 7 point spread, so I lost that one too.  Overall, I lead the pickem league with Paul one point back and Pastor Trav 3 points back.

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