Daily Archives: September 18, 2008

Splash of Thought

-There are no named tropical systems currently in the Atlantic and there are no systems that are expected to develop any time soon.

-Maybe I will actually get a chance to get out of the house this week or coming week to catch some lobsters. The problem is that the bugs may have sought shelter in deeper waters for the rest of the year due to the drop in pressure and nasty weather we have experienced over the past month or so.

-I still have my shutters up on my front windows. I better take them down this week or Marcela is going to get mad at me.

-Speaking of getting mad, I spilled a full glass of red kool aid on my living room carpet. I spent almost an hour trying to clean it but the best I could do was reach a shade of pinkish peach. 😦

-I am 1-0 in the Life Pointe fantasy football league, and my draft strategy is looking very strong. My team’s weakness is TE, Kicker, and team D. But I am very well positioned at QB (Rivers and Romo), WR (H Ward, TO, and now DeShawn Jackson), and RB (Adai, M Turner, Parker, Bush, and T Jones).

-The Dolphins so far look every bit as bad as they did last year, if not worse. Let’s see if they can turn things around. Zach and JT are sorely missed on D. Teams are walking up and down the field on us. Too many people got carried away with the decent preseason we had. It means nothing!

-I believe the Canes and Aggies are on ABC this weekend. Should be a tough but winable game for Miami.

-I hate car trouble. My truck’s temp was running high and the AC was not cooling. Turned out to be a simple radiator hose leak causing both problems. $150 later the car is fine.

-I’m looking forward with anticipation to my first Sunday at LPC of 3 services.

-I saw the movie “Righteous Kill” two nights ago. It was OK. I hate it when movies have a ton of potential, but the ending is either anti-climactic or unrealistic. There has to be a balance between the two.


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