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Saturday Top 5: Excuses Given to Get out of a Ticket

This week is the first time I will have a top 5 that I didn’t judge and generate on my own.  The category is excuses given to get out of a ticket and here are the top 5 reasons.  The list of top 3 plus some honorable mention selections were from an article on autos.aol.com.  These were actual stories, but their voracity could not be confirmed.

#5 The result of this excuse was not known, but the answer given to the question “Why were you speeding?” was simple.  “Time is money.”

#4 “My sister-in-law was pulled over one day for speeding and she said to the passenger with her “O dear God don’t let him give me a ticket” the officer came up to her and as he was looking over her driver’s license the call came over the radio that the church down the road was on fire. He jumped in his car and told her it was her lucky day. My sister-in-law said “God you did not have to go to that extreme.”

#3  This was my personal favorite. “Vehicle pulled over for speeding at approximately 04:00. When approaching the vehicle the driver asked me if I knew Officer Westberg. I told him I did. He then went on to tell me how he was Officer Westberg’s buddy, and he (Westberg) wouldn’t be happy knowing I was giving one of his friends a ticket. I asked him how well he knew Westberg. He said that they have been close friends for years, and even showed me Westberg’s business card. I told the driver to wait in his car, and I would check to make sure his license was valid. It was, so I wrote him the ticket for speed. When I gave him the ticket, he asked me why I didn’t let him off with a warning, since he was Westberg’s friend. I told him Westberg doesn’t have any friends and that he should look at the name of the officer on the ticket. There neatly printed was WESTBERG. The driver stared at the officer’s name on the ticket for probably 15 seconds, then looked at my nametag, and saw it spelled out Officer Westberg. He told me that a buddy of his always dropped officer’s names, and since he had received my business card in the past during some type of event, he thought it was worth a try. He paid the ticket.”

#2 “I was driving along one day minding what I thought was my own business, and kind of daydreaming. I must have gone a little faster than I should have and was pulled over and stopped by a state police officer. My husband is a former police officer and told me how he always let someone go if they could tell him a reason for speeding that he hadn’t heard before. I knew I had to think quickly because he was now approaching my door. He advised me that the reason he was stopping me was I had exceeded the posted limit by 15 miles over. I looked him in the eye and asked him sternly “Do you have any idea what I did to the last cop who stopped me for speeding?” He looked a little shocked and began feeling more cautious. I said, “I married him.” I believe he is still laughing, he just walked away and said slow down, have a nice day. I was so pleased that for once my husband told me something that would really work.”

#1 The best excuse used to get out of a ticket is an excuse that really stinks! “I am a funeral director, the law does not bother a hearse on the highway at any speed. But this one time I had a time to be at an out of town crematory, and I was in a van, taking an unembalmed body to be cremated and he got me at 90 mph on the Interstate, when he stopped me and asked what was my hurry, I said, ‘Brother, I have to be at a crematory in an hour or I’ll miss my appointment time and they will be closing for the weekend.’ He said, ‘So …’ I said, ‘Take a whiff in the back, he stuck he head in the side window and jerked it back out and said sir hurry along and be careful.'”

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