NFL “Pickem” Second Chance

We got a late start and had low registration and Paul had technical difficulties getting his team together this week.  That leaves the competition in LPC pickem between Trav and myself.  So, I created a second chance league that does not use the Vegas line.  This is a straight winner/loser pickem league.  Let’s see if the Life Pointe ESPN crew knows what they are talking about.

To enter, visit and enter the group ID # as 74798 and the password lpc.  If you don’t have a yahoo account, you will need to register a free yahoo account.  If you know anyone that thinks they know anything about sports, tell them to bring it on.  The more, the merrier!

Pastor Trav, Jesse, Alex, Kelly, and yours truly will be in this league, hopefully along with Chris, Paul, Mark, Victor, Richard, and all the other football freaks and even casual pig skinners at LPC.  You get one point for every correct pick you make.


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3 responses to “NFL “Pickem” Second Chance

  1. I’ll think about it. Meanwhile I need to work on my NFL related ‘Monday Night Countdown’ for tonight.

  2. OK I joined. Let’s keep the trash talking to a minimum and just have some fun here. 😀
    Don’t be hatin’ on my picks.

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