The Fantasy Football Report

The Citizen Cane is now 2-0 after a good week from the supporting cast and a down week for some of the stars. Once again, Michael Turner put up monster numbers, team D (Atlanta) and my K provided enough of a bump to make the difference. Romo had a so-so week, and the almost always reliable TO had a horrible showing. Between Ward, Parker, and TO I had a total of 6 points. Reggie Bush put up huge numbers AGAIN and is now one of the top 5 fantasy players. Chambers is putting up big numbers as well, but Bush and Chambers have been riding the bench for me so far.

Pastor Trav is now 0-2, as he came up 4 yards short from Jerricho Cotchery from overtaking Ritz. Jesse is now 2-0, experiencing what can best be described as beginners luck. I won’t be too dismissive in case he plays me soon. Mark Similey’s “Dead Skins” got an easy win against Paul’s “Skins” this week. Pastor Trav better right his ship if he wants to have a shot at making the playoffs.

If you are interested in testing your football knowledge against some of the greatest sports minds at Life Pointe, or if you are just a casual fan and want to have some fun selecting who you think will win or lose, click over here and read how you can join a Pro Football “Pick ‘Em” league.


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2 responses to “The Fantasy Football Report

  1. I was robbed. The is the first FFL league I’ve ever heard of that doesn’t give points for kick return yards. Now, I have to put up with Ritzy talking trash.

    Thanks, Commish!

  2. Travis

    Whats the matter with you?—show the young pup who’s boss!!

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