The EIB Award

This week was over before it started.  The EIB Award for Excellence in Blogging goes to…

Kelly for a University of Miami Day!  GO CANES!


Filed under family, football, Miami Hurricanes, photography

6 responses to “The EIB Award

  1. All right. I guess I’ll just have to try a little bit harder during this upcoming blogging week.

    Ya hear that Finch ? You didn’t win either. 😯

  2. YEAH!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I won. 😉

  3. Bill Finch

    Hey wait a minute I’m seeing some shikanery at the crossroad here, we need an arbitration.

  4. You should talk Finch. You win it every other week, and the weeks that you don’t win it – Travis or Kelly wins it. I’m not worthy. 😯

  5. billyfinch

    It’s ok Major, we still need you to keep the stats. You’re the master sensai!

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