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Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup: Atom Splitter Edition

Thanks once again to Ol’ Atom Splitter for writing the this week’s Talk Soup.  Considering the big news that was going to be announced this morning, I am happy that someone was there to witness and report!

A Closed Window Morphs Into An Open Door

Here’s the Ol’ Atom-Splitter talkin’ atcha again, pinch-hittin’ for Our Man Flint, who’s doing his duty to God and Country at Turkey Point Nuclear Power Station.

Music had its usual throbbing, powerful and voluminous punch today in all three services. We worshipped The Almighty to the tunes of “Always Greater”, “Better Days” and “I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever” and partook of Communion with the worshipful and moving, “Mighty To Save”. Beautiful!

Paul announced that this week is the last week to bid on the UM football memorabilium helmet, signed by the all-pro NFL great, Ray Lewis. You have heard of Blood Diamonds? Our auction is to benefit Blood Water. Submit a bid, possibly the winning one, and further that relief effort in Somalia to help innocent, oppressed civilians, victimized by the denial of access to water, an act of warfare.

Today, Life-Pointe received astounding news: we have been given another location–a beautiful church building and an adjacent residence, ready to go in the Islamorada area. The facilities offer many opportunities and is in fine shape, at an excellent location and debt-free. Trav had been looking and making offers for places that never materialized for one reason or another. Then, suddenly, this door opened up for Life-Pointe to expand into the Keys. It has been often repeated that when God closes a door, He will open a window, but that aphorism was turned around. He kept closing the windows because He had a great BIG DOOR for Life-Pointe to enter. It is an exciting day for Life-Pointers, indeed.

This announcement meshed so perfectly with Chapter 3 of Habakkuk, the final installment, Climbing Out Of The Dip, of this amazing ‘minor’ prophet book series. The three major points of our pastors’ message go thusly: 1) Remember what God has done, 2) Accept what God is doing and 3) Trust what God will do. Habakkuk Chapter 3 includes the verse, referenced by the Apostle Paul about eight centuries later, “the just shall live by their faith.” That small yet powerful sentence became a foundational theological principle of the New Testament—“Justification by Faith”. Our living, our confidence in the future, and actually our Time and Eternal Destiny is made a surety by that little verse in Habakkuk 3.

As they say in Germany , “Spater”.

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Hurricane Fizzle

Yesterday, my Canes suffered a heartbreaking defeat. The most painful part is that with all the talent and speed, they totally fizzled out late. The game was in hand at 24-14 with 9 minutes to play when the coverage bust led to a 74 yard UNC touchdown. Following up the breakdown, Miami went conservative and UNC drove down the field once again to score a TD and take the lead 28-24. With 10 seconds, North Carolina safety Trimane Goddard intercepted a pass intended for Kayne Farquharson. He had the ball in his hands in the endzone. All he has to do is come down with the ball and game over, Miami wins.

Chalk this one up to inexperience. It’s also painful for Butch the turn coat Davis to come into our house and beat us.

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