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The EIB Award

This week we had a very close battle between two accomplished bloggers.

The runner up this week goes to Chris Day for his weekly feature “Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts“. Whatever comes to his mind, he writes in this totally spontanious blog entry. He plans it that way.

And the winner of the EIB Award for excellence in blogging goes to Jesse for more facts about Jesse that you may not know, including his violent side and his refusal to kiss baby Jesus’ feet. Congrats!

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Friday Bottom 3: Classic Rock Male Vocalists

These rock icons made it big despite their horrible sounding voices.

#3 Joe Cocker – While I really do enjoy Joe Cocker’s music and his raspy voice is not exactly unappealing, nobody can listen to “You Are So Beautiful” and say that he has a great voice.

#2 Bob Dylan – He was a great song writer whose style and return to the basics had a huge impact on rock, but his vocal talents surely did not garner him any accolades.

#1 Neil Young – His lack of talent on the guitar was not only matched, but far surpassed by his horrible voice.


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