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Saturday Top 5: Mel Gibson Flicks

I would not consider myself a huge fan of Mel Gibson, but I do enjoy a good man movie. Mel is the king of guy flicks and these are my favorite 5 movies starring Mel Gibson.

A couple of movies worthy of mention that did not make my list:
Conspiracy Theory
Forever Young – As a side note, this was the only true chick flick that I note on this page, but it was pretty good.

#5 Maverick – Comedy, action, and western rolled up into one, it was a pretty cool movie about a card shark, a chick trying to steal his cash, and the original Maverick who turns out to be Bret’s pop.

#4 The Patriot – It’s not exactly historically accurate, but in a couple of instances it tugs at your heart with regards to family and country.  Mel turns in a good performance and presents some good action and drama.  It was not the masterpiece that Mel envisioned, but it was a good American film about freedom.

#3 Signs – I like Sci-Fi/alien films, and this has some of the best jump scenes in it.  I think this is as good a performance as any of Mel Gibson’s films as far as his acting is concerned.  If you like movies that have a little mystery and thrill, this one is for you!

#2 Payback – It’s classic film noir with some 70’s style naration by Mel, gritty street crime, and a story that picks up somewhere in the middle.  The good guy is not exactly a good guy, but he is the best you are going to get.  And Mel has the right sarcastic and never give up attitude in this film to make it a winner.

#1 Braveheart – In my opinion, this is one of the top quality movies in American history, right up there with epics like Ben Hur, The Godfather, Sparticus, and Gladiator.  Some of the qualities that distinguish Braveheart from some of the others mentioned is that it carried some good humor with it, as well as the great struggles for freedom and the sacrifice to do the right thing in the face of tremendous odds.  None of it would have worked without Gibson’s acting talents.  He has a way of carrying the character and making him endearing, rather than just some brute warrior.  This is a great film, in my opinion.

I know there are some people who believe I left a few great Gibson flicks out of my list, but as always, my list is correct.  If you disagree with me, you are wrong. 🙂


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