Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup

This will be a quick report today.

This morning, Sun Tzu’s Art of War provided the context of the message.  The intro video was so well produced.  The little secret is that Ritz Crackah provided the voice over.  Excellet work, Ritz.

The music was killer this morning.  Alex was on the drums, Zech’s brother on the lead guitar, I played bass, Jesse led from the accoustic guitar.  It was a rock and roll Sunday morning!  We started with Switchfoot’s Dare You to Move, then Friend of God totally rock/grunge style.  Next, Salvation is Here, then for communion Mike led Everything.  It was incredible.  Other than a couple of hiccups in the first service, everything went very smoothly.

The message spoke about alliances and Trav gave a nice little story about our childhood, even though he embellished a bit.  It was still funny.  The alliances you make determine your direction.  We are not to be unequally yoked.

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4 responses to “Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup

  1. ritzcrackah

    I hate that voice-over…I think it sucked. xD

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  3. when did you start playing the piano?

  4. I have been playing for almost 12 years. I thought I played when you came down. BTW, when are you coming back down for a visit?

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