Fantasy Football Report

Finally, your humble correspondent got some good production from almost every member of the squad. Big points were earned by Romo, TO, Michael Turner, and Chris Cooley specifically. The result was the league’s top score for the week.

As of this morning, the Citizen Cane is 3-1 in second place by record and points. Mark’s Deadskins are now targeted as the league’s standard bearer, and there is a target painted squarely on his back. Pastor Trav‘s team continues its run of bad luck with a loss in yet another strong performance by his team. At 0-4 it is the worst I have ever seen him start a season. If he wants to make the playoffs, he will have to start a nice run of victories. I do fully expect him to swing a win this week against the Turkey Buzzards. Jesse‘s role as GM of the Fusers is being transferred to Alex who claims that he will manage the team better. That makes for a more competitive league.

In “pickem” I continue to lead the league in the point spread, but I am dragging the rear in the second chance LPC league. Chris, Alex, and Paul are fighting it out for league supremacy. Kelly is even ahead of me. 😦


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