Wednesday Quotable

I love my country, and I pray for her leaders, even those with whom I disagree. May God continue to bless her, guide her, and protect her. I pray that we as a nation will humble ourselves. I pray that we will recognize the tragedy that is abortion, and remove the plank from our own eye before we try to pluck the splinter out of others’ eyes.

A man’s country is not a certain area of land, of mountains, rivers, and woods, but it is a principle; and patriotism is loyalty to that principle.
~George William Curtis


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6 responses to “Wednesday Quotable

  1. Anne J

    amen to that, Phil.

  2. That’s what I’m tryin’ to tell ya !
    Incidentally I find your Twitter comments to be mostly amusing if not rather odd at times. Calling Senator McCain names (‘old boneheaded nerd’) stoops down to the childish levels of most liberal Democrats I know that ‘bash Bush’ (and the Republicans) because it’s in vogue.

  3. Chris, You are right. Sometimes I wonder what the fella is thinking? I respect him a heap for his service but I feel like he is throwing this election away. It’s been one missed opportunity after another to distinguish himself from the left, but he keep trying to agree with them. When will he wake up?

  4. Worst Case Scenario ? – President Obama and Vice President Biden run our country backed with a Democratic-controlled Congress starting in January 2009. We as Americans stand-up behind our new leaders and pray for positive change to make this a better nation. We as Republicans can show the nation that we can actually do this – unlike a majority of the Democrats of the past 8 years who never got over the stunning election process of November (and December) 2000.

    If things don’t work out then guess what ? We overhaul Congress in 2010 – just like we did 16 years earlier in 1994 (“Contract With America”).

  5. That would be great, if only we knew for sure that there would be no change on the US Supreme Court. The next president will most likely nominate 2 justices to the court. Currently, 4 of the 9 judges on the USSC have shown through their record that they will stand for the life of the unborn, for the individual right to keep and bear arms, and for individual property ownership. The two that are coming off the court are ultra left wing.

  6. billyfinch

    Fella’s I’m not sure we’ve seen the October surprise yet. Keep an eye on the far east, Russia’s in desperate straights right now and looking for somebody to fight, Iran’s ready to blow up Isreal, Chavez is brokering the whole deal, on and on. We’re looking at the new axis of evil. The world financial markets are in turmoil, and we’re watching these 2 basically say to each other “you’re a big meany” and “you’re a doodihead”. The situation is ripe for a new attack of extremism in the form of “change”.

    I want to know we’re fiscally sound, and that they aren’t going to surround themselves with radical right or left wing anything or any position. I don’t care who’s black or white, red or yellow, male or female, I want to know what they stand for, what the core values are, and are you going to keep my family safe when I lay me down to sleep. I think the next few weeks are going to be extremely wierd.

    You guys nailed it though, John missed an opportunity to put it away and didn’t. “That one” also missed the same opportunity because he fumbled and bumbled his way through. We don’t know what “that one” stands for or who he really is because he has layer after layer of cover up and the media circus is in his back pocket.

    I find that very distressing.
    ~Billy Barue

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