Straight Thoughts

  • If you have the guts, continue to read.  You may have your tender sensibilities offended because you don’t want to hear anything negative about someone you really like.
  • It’s been an interesting couple of weeks in the US, from economic bailouts and government takeover of our banking industry to pollsters telling us that our votes don’t really matter since the election is already over to fraud in the battleground states from Obama’s former organization ACORN.
  • I am believe in fair elections and I respect the will of everyone to vote for their candidate of choice (even those with whom I disagree), however I am concerned that the elections are becoming increasingly unfair, ripe with fraud, and stacked against the candidate and philosophy to which the press is opposed.  Our press is more and more just an extension of the left wing.  This election is a football game with the refs making calls in favor of only one side.
  • Why has there been no mainstream media coverage or serious discussion of Obama’s relationship with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, left wing radical Muslim sympathizer Ralia Odinga (who is reportedly Barack’s cousin), Obama fundraiser and convicted felon Tony Rezko and the left wing group ACORN?  Why is Michelle Obama’s doctoral thesis not to be released to the public until after the election?  Why is it that the dentention of American anti-Obama author Jerome Corsi not being discussed in the news?
  • When the election is over, and the possibility of America’s position in the world being weakened, and the chance that America will begin withdrawal of troops in a war that we are now winning, who will we turn to for information?  The news will not speak negatively of Barack Obama now, and they will not examine his affiliations from his formative years, but we expect them to give us the fair shake post election?  I have a serious distrust for the news, and have had that distrust for quite a few years.  This is really nothing new.  Just as you may not like someone telling you what to think or read (you may think I am doing that in this blog), I don’t like the news trying to shape my opinion based on their anti-Christian and left wing views.
  • Why were these topics not discussed in the debates: abortion, gun control, immigration, judicial appointment, and terrorism?  Could it be that the favored Barack Obama would have to explain his position that a dying baby following a failed abortion has no right to life?  Could it be that he would have to state publicly that he does not believe that individuals should have a righ to keep and bear arms?  Could it be that Senator Obama would have to clarify his position that judges should consider more than just the law when making decisions?  These are topics that I am interested in as well as the economy, healthcare, and the war in Iraq.
  • Whateve happens in this election, we need to pray for our country.  Whoever wins will have his hands full with the financial mess that we are in.


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17 responses to “Straight Thoughts

  1. There are still a lot of countries in this dangerous world with a little concept known as ‘state-run television’. It’s where the Government owns or controls what goes out on the major broadcast networks of any given nation. It’s what the Government wants you to believe, so they keep telling it to you over and over again. It’s also known as brainwashing.

    We have a form of ‘state-run television’ here in America. Aside from the Fox News Channel (and even they are suspect at times) – name any other national broadcast or cable network that is not totally biased in favour of the left-wing. I’m not even talking about a 3 or a 4 out of 10 with 1 being as far left as you can be and 10 being as far right as you can be. Our media is hovering between a 1 and a 2. I believe that they have brainwashed an overwhelmingly gullible America.

    Yeah I said it.

  2. I’m so proud of you Phil.

    A couple of things:

    Try a little more paranoia and maybe give some personal testimony about black helicopters or suited men in sunglasses. Maybe even make up a story about how you saw Obama actually pulling babies out of pregnant women’s bodies giving a Jihad scream and eating the brains.

    Use more catchy cliches like “Nobama” or “No he can’t” or “one hussein was enough”. People like those and they don’t require much thinking.

    Make sure to stay clear of anything Rove did during the last couple of elections, that could really hurt the cause.

    Your Friend,

  3. Is this Rush McMullin, Rush Zefo, or none of the above? 🙂 I didn’t use any slogans such as no he can’t or nobama. I posted relevant questions and concerns. As a Christian, I am very concerned about the issue of the sanctity of life and the unborn. I am also very concerned about gun laws that affect me personally since I love freedom. These issues were conspicuously absent from all three of the debates so far.

  4. Phil,

    What makes you think that McCain is a saint? Why is it you only point out the issues with Obama and fail to mention anything about McCain (very easy to see what side you represent). Now, the war issue, what makes you think we are “winning” anything? This “war” should never have taken place to begin with. The USA is not the world police and as much as you like Republican views on Foreign policy, we do not belong in the middle east. Our economy is very shaky and we are in the midst of a recession and moving dangerously towards a depression. Why don’t we use that money funding the war to fix our mess first before we decide that everyone else needs to be like us. I know it’s hard for you to see this but how can you say, “look at us, look how well we are doing” when we really aren’t.

  5. James, thanks for the comments and the discussion. I enjoy the fact that we have the freedom to disagree in this country, unlike many other places in the world, and I respect your opinion. First, let me say that I don’t think McCain is a saint. He has his share of dirty laundry including infidelity and bad associations of the past. He has gone on record admitting his mistakes with his wife and apologizing for his place with the Keating 5. I did not vote for McCain in the primaries and I am very disappointed with the choice of the Republican party in the primary election. If Obama was a completely clean and spotless lamb (by the way, he seems like a good man personally), his policy positions on the sanctity of life, socialism, gun control, judicial temperament, taxes, and the economy would preclude me from even considering voting for him. The issue of abortion alone is enough for me to reject even the thought of voting for him for president. Senator Obama had three chances as a congressman in Illinois to vote on a bill that mandated doctors to treat infants that survived botched abortions. The bill was the “Born Alive Infant Protection Act”. Senator Obama did not vote for that bill. He publicly states that he will do everything within his ability to preserve the right to have an abortion.

    I am not trying to present a balanced view of the candidates. I am trying to provide a balance to the coverage (or lack) during this election cycle. Senator McCain has a long and distinguished record, much of which I disagree with, but none of which disqualify him from being my choice in this election. I would like for people to think about who they are voting for and why they choose to vote for that person. Let us examine this election from a Christian world view, and as Americans.

    As for the war, one reason I know we are winning is because it isn’t in the news. When was the last report you have seen on the progress in Iraq on the tube? This article from the LA Times makes the conclusion that we are indeed winning in Iraq.,0,4099051.story
    And as for the cost of the war, while it is an incredible expense, it is only a drop in the bucket when compared to the disaster that is Social Security and Medicare. We have not even heard much more than a whisper in this election regarding those topics. The last time anyone tried to come up with an ultimate solution to those looming economic train wrecks, it was SS privatization, and the president was politically destroyed by the interest groups and the left for suggesting it.

  6. Phil, Phil, Phil….

    I understand your intentions and we obviously disagree, however let me make this point. Our great country has NOT prospered during Republican presidency. I don’t have to go back that far into history to show you that when Bush Sr was in office, there was a major deficit. Somehow, between the Bushes (under Clinton) was the ONLY time the US had a surplus and not a deficit. The numbers are there, it’s not debatable and we (meaning US Citizens and pretty much the world) have had enough of the screw ups from Dubya. Our country cannot afford to allow the Republicans to continue to bring down this great nation.

    McCain does have a distinguished past, but that doesn’t mean he is the right person for the job. If you really want to bring up the dirty laundry, how about McCain having ties to the Iran/Contra Affair. I have had enough of the war mongers and sending our youth to an early grave so they can profit from it.

  7. James,
    The whole Iran Contra affair produced plenty of dirt on the administration officials. The fact that it was done in an illegal way was wrong. But that witch hunt was similar to the McCarthyism of the late 40’s and 50’s where a noble cause (stopping Communism) was turned into a political tool for the destruction of opposition. McCain claims that he resigned from the Singlaub group when he found out some of their associations. The worst thing about the Iran Contra scandal was not that the government was funding some unsavory types (since both sides were dirty, the Contras and the moderate Iranians were definitely the lesser of the evils, and it actually resulted in the salvation of American lives) but the illegal manner in which it was conducted. The actions of North and Poindexter, with President Reagan accepting blame had America’s interest in mind. That is totally unlike Ayers, who attacked his own country and was totally unrepentant. For Obama to say now that he didn’t really know Ayers, but that he was just someone who lived in the neighborhood is blatant.

    As for the “surplus”, it is a myth. The deficit shrunk under Clinton, but the debt grew. There was never one cent of surplus. The deficit actually began to grow under Clinton’s last budget. Yes, Bush has been a huge disappointment in his inability to say no to spending increases. But, let’s not act like Senator Obama has anything more than just a good intention when it comes to spending. He plans to nationalize 1/3 of the US economy. When has the US done anything more efficiently, effective, or less costly than the private sector? How does he plan on giving health insurance to 100% of Americans without massive tax increases unless he plans on laying over $2.5 trillion off in debt annually. His statement that healthcare is a right should give you something to think about. If 100% are not covered, then someone is being denied their right. Brother, that is socialism and I am a firm believer in helping people, but I believe in voluntarily helping people. This discussion could get very offensive to some good people if I continue with those thoughts, so I will just leave that one for a face-to-face. 🙂

  8. Billyfinch

    This discussion between you guys is a whole lot better than the debates. This discourse is what makes this the greatest country on the planet, because you can do this. I vote you guys keep it up for the rest of us, we are not offended at all and the points are good.

  9. Unfortunately, these presidential debates have been a waste of time. Barack continues to make promises to socialize health care (and that should be a concern to those of us who have insurance and pay taxes, there is no direction to go but MORE EXPENSIVE to cover the others) and he continues to give tax breaks to people who don’t pay taxes while increasing taxes on those who provide jobs. We already have the second highest corporate tax rate in the world, and Obama’s plan to keep businesses from going overseas is to tax them more. As for this economic situation, it appears that the Democrats are in excellent position to control the whitehouse, the house, and the senate, and soon the Supreme Court. With their fingerprints all over this economic mess because of the Community Reinvestment Act started by Carter and then again by Clinton loaning money to people who cannot afford to pay it back, Fannie/Freddy, and the opposition to reforms in 2004 and 2005 with Barney Franks, Maxine Waters, and Franklin Raines (Obama’s economic adviser), we are about to turn over Christmas dinner to the people who burned the Thanksgiving turkey. The social and economic left have their hands all over this disaster, not deregulation as many would have you believe.

    The Democrat supporters keep saying that Republican policies have driven our economy in the ground, but the only policies they point to are deregulation. Fundamentally, deregulation benefits the industrious, the hard worker, the rugged individualist, and the entrepreneur. It is the regulations that benefit the government bureaucracies and regulators, and like laws are only as good as the people enforcing them.

  10. 1. He will continue President Bush’s belligerent foreign policy which led to the unjustified Iraq War that has killed more than 4,000 American military personnel and 100,000 Iraqi civilians, decimated our armed forces and added billions to the national debt.

    2. McCain has endorsed the failed Bush economic policies that are destroying the middleclass, causing jobs to go overseas, pushing homeowners into foreclosure and endangering the future of our offspring for decades to come.

    3. McCain is America’s “Number One Neocon” with direct ties to Bill Kristol’s rightwing extremist organization, Project for a New American Century (PNAC), which promoted regime change in Iraq before 9/11 and proposed dominating the world with U.S. military power.

    4. During the 2008 campaign, McCain showed he lacked the necessary integrity to be commander-in-chief by flip-flopping on major issues — most grievously about IRS income tax rates. Once opposed to Bush 43’s tax cuts, which he called unfair, McCain now believes the top 1% of American wage earners deserve a $32,000 reduction while the bottom 20% should only get back a miniscule $21.

    5. He promised in February 2008 not run a negative campaign. Then, five months later, rather than discuss important issues like global warming, high energy prices and rising unemployment, McCain unleashed a scurrilous, Karl Rove-style attack on Barack Obama’s character, such as calling him “elitist” and “arrogant” — easily understood code-words for “uppity” with racial overtones. A more obvious indication of McCain’s underhanded tactics is his constant claim in television ads that Obama will raise taxes on working Americans, which is simply not true.

    Your turn. 🙂

  11. If either of these candidates should be trusted to protect America’s interests in the world, it’s McCain. He has sacrificed his own health to serve, unlike Obama. It’s Obama’s right not to serve, and I respect that. But to somehow claim that McCain is going to practice a policy of beligerence to the world is off the wall. This guy is measured, he does not favor unconventional forms of interrogation like waterboarding (unfortunately) which the left has called torture, he wants to close Guantanamo, and his overall aproach is not at all like Bush. Obama, conversely, is totally adored by the world because he is seen as favoring a world first policy over America first. I personally prefer to have a president who has my country’s best interest at heart over Russia, China, Lybia, etc.

    Your second statement reads like a George Soros talking point without any substance. Obama believes in a “government first” approach to economics. His idea of protecting the American people is throwing money and benefits at the people who pay no taxes, giving token cuts in income taxes to others, while planning on raising FICA, medicare tax, capital gains taxes (drastically), and the inheritance tax. How will investors be encouraged to come back to the markets when the projected next president plans on nearly tripling the capital gains tax?

    If McCain is “America’s #1 Neocon” (liberal code word for “he loves the Jews) then Obama would be America’s #1 Friend of the Palestinians. I prefer to side with Israel, the only democracy in the middle east and America’s only true friend in the region.

    With regards to tax cuts, it’s a good thing McCain got it right eventually. Obama’s plan is to tax job creators even more heavily. Great idea, let’s burden the ones who hire most Americans, so they can lay us off, reduce our pay, reduce our benefits. Maybe we can ask the government to take care of us when we are all unemployed.

    Obama flip-flopped on public financing. He has also continued to make the ridiculous claims that Republicans are responsible for the economic crisis due to deregulation when he knows that McCain has been fighting for oversight and reforms of the sub prime lending through Fannie/Freddy that created this mess. Democrats pushed the Community Reinvestment Act, ACORN (Obama’s jewel) threatened to sue Banks that would not conform and lend money to low income people who did not qualify to buy houses, and then Meeks, Waters, Franks, Reid, and Obama fought against the reforms that could have prevented this mess.

    Obama wants to create laws that prevent law abiding citizens like me from owning guns. He wants to instate laws that only allow retired police to carry concealed weapons, and he wants to pass laws requiring the federal registration of all guns. This is unbelievably intrusive, and scary.

  12. This is all I have to add.

  13. Ay ay ay caramba. Looks like there’s a lot a deception goin on! 🙂

    Now just because everybody’s doin it don’t mean you have to James.

  14. I think you have it backwards, the people are FINALLY opening their eyes and truly seeing what is best for our nation. 🙂

  15. MTierce

    I have a couple of points and one longer discussion

    1. I have yet to hear how Israel helps America. People say, “It’s the only friendly democracy in the Middle East” as if that is an argument. My impression is that people seem to think that it is some sort of stepping stone to democracy throughout the middle east, and I find that just laughable. Israel is not an influential leader in the sense that it inspires other middle east states to emulate it. Rather, Israel gives support to radicals who whip up people in a frenzy to oppose it. Secondly, democracy in the middle east is not in our interest. As we have seen, democratic government in the middle east puts people like Hizbullah and Hamas in charge, without any sort of social institutions to check their excesses. Now, I understand that we don’t want to see a repeat of the Holocaust. Sadly, I think that ultimately the existence of Israel feeds antisemitism and makes a repeat of the Holocaust that much more likely.

    2. As someone who until relatively recently described myself as a liberal, I don’t think the media is biased anywhere near to the degree that you seem to think. That’s my opinion from the other side of the fence. Empirically, I am not aware of any studies that really confirm a systemic bias either way. In any case, I don’t believe bias is a huge problem. Individuals can detect and account for bias. My problem with the media is that due to the rise of the 24 cable news cycle, the quality of the information presented has plummeted drastically as its dumbed down to appeal to the disinterested and increase ratings.

    Finally a few words about abortion. Abortion is a difficult issue. I’m going to take a slightly different tack and claim that life does not begin at conception, it is instead an unbroken chain. There is in fact no beginning per se. In this context the relevant question is: at what point does the life of an unborn child become distinct from the life of the mother? I’ll argue against conception because the child cannot survive without the mother until farther along into pregnancy, and something along the lines of 50% of fertilizations fail to implant of abort spontaneously. If we really defined the distinction at conception, than we imply that more than half of humans that ever existed died before they were born. That seems an odd conclusion to reach for me.

    Now, you state that you are afraid of Obama taking your guns away. I won’t argue whether that’s true or not, but I assume that the argument goes that guns are needed to prevent government from overstepping its authority. When the police come crashing through your door, how do your guns help? You either get shot, or spend the rest of you life in jail. The only real protection against government encroachment on liberty is to be vigilant about what is considered appropriate. My argument is if you allow the government to interfere with something as intimate and private and personal as medically what to do when someone is pregnant, there is nothing the government cannot do to you. Anything can be justified in protecting life. Speed limits of 5mph, food you eat, where you live, perhaps we will require you to undergo medical treatment against your will, after all, we are protecting life. Its this kind of excess that gave us the disgusting intervention in the Terri Schaivo situation. If you cede this authority to government, you have ceded all of your liberties, and the state has supreme power over you, forever. That is why the right to determine whether to have an abortion or not is properly with those most involved. The state simply can’t be trusted with that sort of power and authority. And that’s leaving aside the practical issues of how you would enforce an abortion ban. El Salvador is a great example of the huge amount of human suffering that enforcement can bring. It really is a black stain on the Church.

  16. There is certainly empirical data which provides evidence of a left wing bias in our media, as well as survey data. Pew Center published research that shows most Americans do not trust media coverage in print or broadcast and that liberal believe there is a conservative bias while conservatives feel there is conservative bias. However, more liberals believe there is a liberal bias or that there is no bias. The bias has driven down the ratings of CNN and has driven up the ratings of Fox News which is more trusted to be balanced in their stories.

    As for the empirical data, there are two studies. One is by the Accuracy In Media which reported in the 2004 election that Kerry received favorable coverage by a margin of 2-1 over negative stories while Bush received 60% negative coverage.

    In this election, in a six week period following September 8, the Project for Excellence in Journalism studied revealed 14% Positive stories to 57% decidedly negative stories about John McCain. On Obama, the numbers were totally different. 36% positive stories, 35% neutral, and 29% negative.

    There is a major left wing spin on almost everything we read and watch.

  17. Arguing against siding with Israel on the grounds that it makes a Holocaust more likely is the same type of argument that owning a gun makes you more likely to be the victim of gun crime. Of course democracy in the region is in our interests as freedom-loving Americans. Freedom and prosperity is a sort of guard against terrorism.

    As for abortion, most doctors disagree with you about life beginning at conception. And an infant cannot survive without care outside the womb, so that argument does not hold water with me. Also, in the future, there will be those who attempt to grow a fetus outside the womb and that will really throw our views for a loop. The unborn are innocent and they need protection just as the infants are innocent and need protection. Murder should never be a legal choice.

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