Saturday Top 5: Phil Collins Tunes

These are my 5 favorite Phil Collins songs.

#5 You’ll Be In My Heart – This song made the Disney movie Tarzan a pretty good film.

#4 I Don’t Care Anymore – Every time I hear this tune, I think of a great episode of Miami Vice.

#3 In The Air Tonight – This has the most famous drum riff in rock music history, in my humble opinion.

#2 Take Me Home – It’s got smooth percussion and a lot of depth to the chord progression. I love listening to this tune.

#1 Tonight, Tonight – This is to me the most intense song that Phil Collins ever sang. I love the rhythm, percussion, and the edginess this song brings.


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6 responses to “Saturday Top 5: Phil Collins Tunes

  1. Well since you made a Genesis group song as your # 1 ‘Phil Collins’ song I’ll add this a little tidbit – “Invisible Touch” (the title track) is my personal favourite Genesis / Phil Collins song of all-time !

  2. It didn’t have to be one of his solo pieces, just as long as he led. I also like Another Day in Paradise.

  3. Cool – My 2ND all-time favourite Phil Collins rocker ? “Something Happened On The Way To Heaven” (from 1990). 1990 was a fun year for me.

  4. How you could you leave out “Land of Confusion”? Great song and video. 🙂

  5. There’s a girl that’s been on my mind – all the time – Su-Su-Sussudio – oh oh.
    Now she don’t even know my name – but I think she likes me all the same – Su-Su-Sussudio – oh oh.

  6. cobi

    How could Against All Odds (take a look at me now) not make the list? It is simply one of the best songs ever made.

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