Sickness Stinks

First it was Blake, then Marcela, then my dad, then me, then Marcela again. I hate it when I don’t feel right. Marcela is home with body aches and a fever and isn’t going to be with the rest of the LPC folks at the theater today. I dragged myself to work today, but I must admit that I feel much better than yesterday, and many times better than the day before. I did not get the full stomach bug that Marcela or my dad got, thank the Lord for that. I am on the mend. I’m also completely off my diet. I’m eating a lot of crackers, sweets, tomato soup, and no meats right now. I hope I don’t actually gain weight while I’m sick.


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2 responses to “Sickness Stinks

  1. Ela

    I have been praying for all you to get better soon, I will keep parying for Marcela.

    Love you both..

  2. So, now, keep Kelly in your prayers, too. She’s under the weather.

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