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The Fantasy Football Report

In LPC Fantasy Football

  • It finally happened; Pastor Trav won a game!  Led by McNabb, Jennings, and the Philly defense, TJ’s Big Doggs spanked the Turkey Buzzards in the battle of 0’fers. Now he is claiming on the message board that he is going to claw his way back to the top, one game at a time.
  • Ritz held on for a strong win against the only undefeated team (Fuzzy’s Dead Skins) which has created a log jam at the top, with only points seperating first through fourth place.
  • Despite starting Palmer who was injured and didn’t play, The Fusers were able to whip up on Bachrach on the strength of huge games from Jones-Drew and Portis.
  • And in the biggest news of the day, yours truly needed Jamal Lewis to stay under 16 points (that is 100 yards and 1 TD, or 40 yards and 2 TDs) in last nights game to secure the win.  Down to the last second the yards were stacking up and getting close.  Lewis finished with 88 yards and one TD, and I held on for a 99-97 win.  For the second week in a row, I scored the most in the league.  The good decisions I made that won this game for me was starting Thomas Jones and picking up Indy defense off waivers.
  • The current standings are:
  1. Fuzzy’s Dead Skins 4-1 with 479 points
  2. Citizen Cane (yours truly) 4-1 with 463 points
  3. Puttin On the Ritz 4-1 with 455 points
  4. Fuser Heads 4-1 with 448 points
  5. Skins (Paul H) 2-3 with 446 points
  6. TJ’s Big Doggs (Pastor Trav) 1-4 with 423 points
  7. Bachrach 1-4 with 416 points
  8. Turkey Buzzards 0-5 with 400 points
  • Right now, Ritz has the hot hand with 4 straight wins.
  • This is a very competitive league and there is not one single team that is out of the playoff picture.

In Pickem

  • Chris Day continued his smart picks and took over the lead in the second chance pickem.
  • I had a great week in the Vegas style league to continue hanging on to first place over Pastor Trav by one point.
  • I successfully picked the lowest scoring team, Oakland, and I missed the highest scoring team by 3 points.
  • Alex totally tanked and dropped a couple spots, but as most everyone else in the league he’s still in the hunt for the title.
  • In Second Chance LPC, I am only ahead of the two teams that forgot to make picks.  I have to make a strong move to get back in the race.

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From the “What’s Up With That?” Files

I laughed so hard when I saw this that I had to share it.  Enjoy this responsibly.

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