Puppy Dog Thoughts

-Guys like dogs. But we usually like rough and ready dogs like the Doberman, German Shepherd, hounds, and bullies.
-Marcela has been set on getting a puppy for a while. Yesterday she won.
-She picked out a soft little white Maltese boy and named him Maximus. Maximus could have been named Minimus since he is supposed to grow to about 6-9 pounds.
-He’s a very sweet little fella, but he doesn’t look very tough. He’s not going to be able to protect Marcela from much more than a mouse.
-This breed is supposed to be the ultimate companion dog and they supposedly do not shed. And according to all that I have read, they are not prone to excessive barking, digging, chewing, or health issues.
-We have got to get rid of all the other critters in the house. We have little parrots, a turtle with fish, and two hermit crabs.
-In the debate last night, as I was watching I was thinking that McCain won. At the end of the debate, the commentators explained that Obama won. I just don’t understand the criteria of a debate. I thought it was based on issues, but apparently it’s based on personality and the ability to talk smoothly.
-Why does the mainstream news ignore other big domestic issues like immigration, gun control, and judicial restraint? McCain has not pushed the point either, even though his views line up with the majority of America.
-The election is less than three weeks away and the McCain campaign has shown a lack of discipline on message and theme. Who nominated him? He’s the better of the two choices by far, but he is too liberal for my preference.
-One of the major issues facing this nation is the entitlement mentality. Under a President Obama, entitlement programs will grow. The cuts proposed by Obama will not address welfare or entitlements. You can be sure the military will be cut and taxes will be increased if he is elected.
-Maybe next time around, the conservatives will come out and ensure we are afforded a true conservative choice.
-“Joe the Plumber” is America’s most popular guy. Too bad he is rich and will have to pay more taxes. He is going to have to spread his wealth to the poor.


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7 responses to “Puppy Dog Thoughts

  1. I guess you weren’t paying attention to the debate. I thought McCain was going to have a heart attack; did you see his hands shaking?

    I love how you bring up Obama’s issues and leave out McCain’s history and how he was part of the S&L scandals that should have ended his political career. One other point, McCain did not endorse Palin like Obama did for Biden stating how well he will do as VP.

    Oh, yes and one final point, when Bush took office, gas was $1.65 a gallon. Hmm… wonder why that changed?!?!

  2. aj

    I couldn’t have chosen a cuter “grand puppy”, and he loves his “people” cousins, too.

    BTW, he said Joe the Plumber is right on!

  3. Victor

    He’s not going to be able to protect Marcela from much more than a mouse.–AND YOU DO???

    We have got to get rid of all the other critters in the house. We have little parrots, a turtle with fish, and two hermit crabs.–add you to the list..

    Either way, Marcela will be blessed!!–LOL!!

  4. Billy Finch

    I nominate Joe the plumber.

    “Marcella wins” yep that’s the way we roll in my house too.

  5. Ela

    CONGRATULATIONS MARCELA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ENJOY YOUR PUPPY…………………..

  6. Anne J

    how ’bout a picture of Mr. Max?

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