Friday Bottom 3: The Hatchback

These were some of the worst cars ever mass produced and available for US consumption.  They were ugly and they were just bad cars.

Honorable Mention:

Ford Pinto – My mom and dad owned one of these gems when I was a little guy. I still remember that old fella. I wonder what junkyard it is in at this point.

Chevy Chevette – I guess Chevrolet wanted to get in on the embarrassment too!

#3 AMC Pacer – The Pacer was bigger, heavier, and almost as ugly as the #1 on my list.

#2 Yugo – Ugly, unreliable, unsafe, cheaper than a matchbox car, more cheaply made than a soapbox car, but it sure was super gas efficient.

#1 AMC Gremlin – The name alone makes me wonder what AMC was thinking when they produced and marketed this nasty little car.


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