Maximus of Malta

There was a request for pictures of Max.  Though he is Marcela’s dog, I have to admit that I like the little guy.  He’s not going to be big enough to really protect Marcela, unless she’s attacked by a mouse, but he likes to play and lay on you and sleep.  That’s good enough.


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7 responses to “Maximus of Malta

  1. Ela Ortega

    I am in love with Maximus.!!! He is adorable. How old is he I don’t remember if you had already written about it.

    How about you guys all well I pray.

    Love ya both……

  2. He’s an 11 week old Maltese. He’s not supposed to get bigger than 8 or 9 pounds. He really loves to just lay on you and sleep.

  3. Dogs don’t like me; however, Max the Malta is adorable.

    Friend O’ Felines

  4. Chris, Max thinks he is a dog, but he looks like a cat to me. 😦 But he barks a little. I guess he is like a barking cat.

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