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Fantasy Football Report

One after another the turnovers kept coming. Denver’s RB rb Hall fumbled twice, then Cutler threw three interceptions. Four of the five turnovers occurred in field goal range and any TD or field goal by Denver would mean a win. One sack, one interception, one fumble does not occur or if one field goal or Denver TD does happen, I win easily. The result of the 5 turnovers was 10 points for Fuser’s defense, Denver’s 7 points was 4 points for Fuser’s defense, and NE’s sack was another point for Fuser. Prater got one point for a PAT, and the final score of that our match up was 55-54 for Jesse’s Fuser. In my starting lineup I got almost nothing from what was left of my team. I had Adai, Parker, Romo, and Chambers out injured, D Jackson and Michael Turner on bye, and Reggie Bush sustained an injury during play. Harrison did nothing, Cooley did nothing, Prater did nothing, NYJ defense… NOTHING!

In related news, Ritz the rook is now in first place thanks to a late Welker TD, and Pastor Trav’s Big Doggs are coming on strong at 2-4 with a major league whipping of Paul’s Skins. The first place Fuzzy’s Dead Skins dropped an epic battle against Bachrach who is now also 2-4. That leaves the abandoned Fuser Heads tied with Ritz for the league lead at 5-1.

In LPC pickem, we had status quo as I went 8 for 14 against the Vegas spread. In Second Chance, status quo also as just about everyone had 9 wins against 14 picks. Chris maintains his first place status with a great call of St. Louis Rams over the Boys and my prognosticators are still dragging up the rear.

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