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The EIB Award

This week there were some awesome blogs.  I am going to make it a three way tie this week.

The winners for the Excellence In Blogging award are…

Chris Day’s Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

Alex blogs about his new profession as a painter, and some really cool vintage drums

Trav, he needs to learn how to ride his bike again.

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Free Association Friday

Cat – aloof, detached, independent, allergies, pet, mean, spooky, hunter, kitten, cute, meow, mouser, stubborn, scratch, feline, girly, feminine, Halloween, superstition, hair ball, purr, clean, moan, litter box, prowl, pounce.

Dog – man’s best friend, bark, puppy, funny, loyal, attached, happy, howl, growl, wag, tricks, tracking, police, messy, house break, stray, mange, yap, masculine, watchful, guardian, pet.

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Friday Bottom 3: Reasons to Vote

This is way too easy.  Everyone has a reason for you to vote and these are the worst three reasons.

#3 “Vote or Die”, “Rock the Vote”, “Vote for Change” – Those proponents of this ridiculous idea are morons.  Yes, they are morons.  According to Wikipedia, P. Diddy and 50 Cent (two of the four involved in the founding of Vote or Die) did not vote, though in 50 Cent’s defense, he was not allowed due to the fact that he was/is a felon.

#2 Because an athlete, movie star, musician, or other celebrity said that I should – Vote or Die etc is nothing new.  Celebs have been trying to influence votes for years.  Many times, they threaten to leave the country if they don’t get their way, but other than Johnny Depp I don’t know of any who have kept their promise.  Celebs, whether right or left leaning in their ideology are famous because of their acting, singing, athletic, or artistic abilities.  They have a right to run their mouths, but their opinions mean nothing to me.  I have a mind of my own, and the last person I want telling me to vote or how to vote is some fake person.  Get real.

#1 It’s My Civic Duty – If you do not have a reason to vote and you are not informed, please don’t vote.  I believe voters have a responsibility to be informed.  If you are going to vote, know why you want to vote.  It’s that simple, an uninformed vote cancels out someone’s well thought out vote.  Civicly, nobody has a duty to vote in this country.  As patriots, or Christians, or freedom lovers, or freedom haters, you definitely have a reason to vote.  People who think women should have the right to kill their unborn should vote for a guy like Barack Obama.  People who believe that we have an individual right to defend our homes with the a firearm should not vote for Obama.  If you believe that the rich are getting rich off your back, then you should probably vote for the Democrat.  I could go on all day.  But the point I am making is that voting should be a function of your ideology, philosophy, world view, and informed opinion, not out of a sense that you will feel better for voting (as Obama claims).

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