Saturday Top 5: Reasons to Support Obama

This top 5 list will discuss the top 5 reasons to vote for Barack Obama for POTUS. Please read only if you can handle opinions and views with which you may or may not agree without getting too mad or hurt.

Honorable Mention:
The world hates us and with Obama as president, the world will love us. We want to know why the terrorists hate us so we can stop making them so mad. Besides, we saw how much the world loved us when Carter and Clinton were president. We had an attempt on the twin towers in 96, and multiple embassy attacks under Carter’s term. Besides, these poor brutal dictators just need us to sit down and talk to them and then they will come around. Who cares if it lends legitimacy to their evil regimes? Oops, did I say evil? I meant “misunderstood”.

#5 Health Care/Insurance is a right! Roughly 47 million people in America do not have health insurance. Under Barack Obama, those of us who have a job and pay for insurance will get to make sure that everyone who does not have health insurance (including rough 12-15 million illegal immigrants) gets to have it at our expense.

#4 Guns are evil. The only people that should carry a concealed weapon in public are police, retired police, and criminals. Obama has gone on record and will continue to be on record against permits for concealed carry of firearms with the exception of police and retired police. That makes anyone who would carry a weapon outside of police or retired police a criminal. We know that criminals already break the laws in place, so further restricting gun ownership and rights would give more control to criminals. Also, Barack Obama strongly supports legislation outlawing “assault guns”, cheap guns, and high capacity magazines. He also believes that all guns should be registered with the federal government, microstamped, and taxed $500 each time it changes hands. This would make gun ownership virtually impossible for low income and poor people, the very people he claims to help. Who gives a rip about the 2nd Amendment?

#3 Marriage should not be defined as it currently is, between one man and one woman. Barack Obama strongly opposes the Defense of Marriage Act. Even though Obama says he is not a supporter of “Gay Marriage”, his actions do not line up with his campaign words. While this is not a defining issue for me, it is for many Americans. We also know that Obama supports adding homosexuality to the mix concerning hate speech in church. Churches could possibly lose their tax exempt status for simply saying that homosexuality is a sin. Who cares about the 1st Amendment anyway?

#2 Taxation should be a means of redistributing wealth. Rich people need to pay more taxes. We know that the government does not create wealth, they only take it through taxation, fines, and fees. So how better to start this trickling up than to take the opportunity from those who are trying to earn more and give it to those who do not. Who cares if those at the bottom pay taxes or not, let’s call the government handouts a “tax cut”. About 65% of Americans pay income taxes. Obama said he will cut taxes on 95% of Americans and raise it on 5%. Where did he come up with the magical number of $250,000 per year income as being rich anyway? Abe Lincoln, who was strongly pro labor would be beyond angry at Obama for his big government power grab and attempted socialist/redistributionist tax policy.

#1 Abortion should be legal at any stage of pregnancy, minors should be able to have an abortion without consent of their parents, and the taxpayer should foot the bill for those abortions. Barack Obama told Planned Parenthood that his first act as POTUS would be to sign FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act) which makes all abortion procedures legal at any stage of pregnancy (including “Partial Birth Abortion”), eliminates parental notification for minors, and specifically funds abortions for low income and poor with federal tax payer dollars. There is video of Obama’s speech to Planned Parenthood at the above link.


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14 responses to “Saturday Top 5: Reasons to Support Obama

  1. Thanks Jesse. I hope you know that it was satirical. 🙂

  2. Jesse

    That’s the best part about it 🙂

  3. Ol' Atom-splitter

    Voter’s remorse will set in quickly if That One is elected.

    Sir Winston Spencer Churchill’s chilling words describing the effects of Socialism will once again come to pass if Obama is selected in the USA: “Socialism is a philosophy of failure. It’s inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. Capitalism is the philosophy of success. It’s inherent vice is the unequal sharing of wealth.”

    Some Americans never learn. Nations which never learn ghastly historical facts are doomed to repeat them.

  4. aj

    I was just thinking how nuts it is for a person who would say they love the truth to believe B.O.’s claims to cut taxes, etc. After all, didn’t he promise to take public funding (a promise quickly broken), and what about his promise to debate McCain “any place, any time”?

    It’s amazing that this election is as close as it is when he is outspending McCain at least 4 to 1, and his internet ads are 117 times those of McCain! Why must he advertise so much more if he’s all that great?

    Want a drink of the kool-aid? no way!

  5. The panacea to reorganizing and revitalizing our Republican Party over the past 56 years has always been to let the Democrats do what they do best – take over and mess everything up. There’s a reason why a Republican has been in the White House for 36 out of the past 56 years.

    The last time a young Democrat took over the White House after an unpopular President Bush promising change with his party in control of Congress was 16 years ago in January 1993. We all know what happened in November 1994. The Republicans swept the mid-term elections and took over Congress for the first time since ‘Ike’ was elected in 1953.

    Let the Democrats run wild in 2009 and 2010. They’ll be sure to mess things up and blame everything on President Bush. Meanwhile we’re reorganizing and revitalizing ourselves.

  6. Chris, I agree that it is very possible, even likely to occur. Unfortunately, it only takes those two years to set back the conservative movement in courts and legislation and do damage that could take decades to repair (if that damage can be repaired).

  7. mike

    HM: I’m not sure if Carter and Clinton can be compared to Obama anymore than Calvin Coolidge and Gerald Ford can be compared to Reagan.

    #5 – The thought of helping people who are less fortunate, especially those who don’t deserve it is so Anti-Christian. If only Jesus were around to shut these poor people up. What losers! Jesus likes winners!

    #4 – I think we all know how Christ treated those who meant him physical harm. And look at the compliment Peter got for cutting off that guards ear. Eye for an eye!

    #3 – Legislating morality works out really well. I’m hoping we might one day elect someone who makes baptism a prerequisite law to getting a driver’s license. We could return America to a Christian nation that way.

    #2 – This is a tough one except Jesus said Christians are meant to be rich and hold on to their money. I mean you didn’t see Jesus hanging out with poor people. “It’s easier for a rich man to get into heaven than a poor man to get through the eye of a needle.”

    #1 – This is the only one I won’t give a smart answer to. I really hate abortion. It IS a form of moral legislation but babies don’t have a voice in the debate. They are victims that need an advocate. I recently heard someone say “that Obama will have to give an answer for every baby aborted during his term” and so will “W” and so will every Christian who thinks “voting” will fix the problem. Christians have abortions too. Maybe we should work on stopping those first.

    (all of your comments were just complimenting you – hope you don’t mind a little fun)


  8. Mike,
    Helping people who are less fortunate is our mandate from God. It is not the government’s mandate to us, and you just stated that you were against legislating morality on #3. I guess the morality cry is legit if it fits your POV. I do help the less fortunate, but I don’t believe the generous liberals in government do. I think they hold them back through their “help”. Is it helping your child to do his or her homework?

    Provision for your family is a mandate. You have a responsibility, not just a right, to protect and provide for your family.

    Left wing Democrats are extremely generous, if you consider throwing scraps to your servants generous. I say cut the chains off and let people succeed.

    I can handle the jabs, Mike. 🙂

    Jesse, that one is going on the front page! There is also a “I’m Voting Democrat” but it isn’t as funny IMO. Professor Cesar Ortega was the best.

  9. mike

    I think a dualistic approach to life (in this case politics) is unhealthy. I don’t know that we were meant to separate or compartmentalize ourselves. “This is how I act at work, this is how I act at home, this is how I act at church” – these should all be the same. To think we act one way as Christians and another way as a citizen leads to rationalizing all kinds of things. This is a constant tension that we are meant to wrestle with. Is this good for my pocketbook or good for the kingdom? It’s tough but usually it’s the latter.

    It should be a part of our divine nature to help those who have less. Even those who don’t deserve it or will squander it. The American dream didn’t originate with Jesus, in fact his teachings seem to be contrary to the “work hard and you will succeed” philosophy. This is perhaps why the “prosperity gospel” does so well in capitalistic cultures. Grace and mercy my brother. “Lose your life, leave your family and follow me….”

    I don’t really care what left-wing democrats are right-wing republicans do or think. These extremes on both sides are godless regardless of the party. This republican president just socialized the financial system and spent more than the last democrat president. Excluding a couple social issues, I think these party lines have blurred more than most will admit.

    I don’t advocate legislating morality. You force people to follow your religious practices but it does not bring spiritual transformation (it may actually do the opposite). Just because you pass a law making me eat liver and onions every day won’t make me love liver and onions. And if my dislike for liver and onions isn’t bothering anyone, then let me be.

    I think there is a difference in laws that protect those who cannot protect themselves and laws that superimpose moral or cultural values. I agree it is a hard line to discern at times.

    An aborted child or a 5 yr old with no food need to be taken care of. The law should protect them even if they can’t “succed after having their chains cut”. This is not legislating morality but following the mandate of both God and our human decency. “Is it holding people back to buy them books for their school?” might be a better analogy.

    As far as “throwing scraps to servants” I assume you are referring to the welfare system. We agree it is broken. Not everyone has had the benefit of our family support system or a college education. It would be difficult to go cold turkey, but something needs to be done.

    You have been blessed my friend, it wasn’t because you or your family worked hard and gained success, it all came from God. It was all grace. The stuff we work for in our own strength will be burned away.

  10. Mike,
    There are several holes in your well-intentioned point. First, I don’t claim to have all knowledge. I admit that it is possible I am wrong. But I have strong views and opinions and I stand by them because I believe they are right. Your points, which you obviously believe are right, seem to be contradictory. I have seen many people say time and again that they do not believe in legislating morality as their rationale for support or non opposition to candidates who are pro choice or pro gay rights. Yet, they always talk morality when it comes to economics and social justice. Either you do or do not support legislation of morality. From my view, all laws are a form of morality. You shouldn’t dismiss those of us who are strongly in opposition to candidates supporting abortion, special rights for gays, sex education in elementary and middle school, etc., while arguing your support for a progressive tax code on the grounds that Jesus would help the poor. It don’t jive, bro.

    As for my success, I do not consider myself successful in the context of American wealth. I do consider myself blessed. I consider myself blessed as an American in the land of opportunity (the greatest nation in history on many levels), as a Christian in the land of freedom, and I know many people who have had the same opportunities as me who have done better and worse than me. I know people who started from lower places than I have who have far succeeded me. I spent 7 years of my life working social services, including the child dependency system in Miami. I have probably seen more suffering than many Americans up close and personal. I have had to care for crack-addicted infants, sexually abused children, and physically and emotionally abused kids. I have given hours of time and piles of emotional blood and sweat to help those victims. I resent the ignorance that is rampant in this country and community and the elitist attitudes that I see all the time. Throwing money at the poor or throwing programs at the community is about the worst way to address the issues I have seen. Children and disabled must be protected. Lazy and ignorant people don’t need protection; they need a kick in the butt. The last thing we need to do in this country is to “incentivize” laziness through redistributive policies that is nothing more than a return to welfare.

  11. a friend

    amen, Phillip! I couldn’t have said it better…not even as good, but I totally agree with you!

  12. mike

    There are more holes in my argument than you even mentioned. It’s not my intent to present a polemic for my position which makes you say “hey you’re right”. Instead to say there are not easy answers for Christians (i.e. “always vote republican”). We are caught in a tension between this world and the next and our decisions are broader than one political party can encompass.

    I don’t dismiss you are any Christians who hold conservative political views. You are the majority. Your voice is well-represented in Washington through various lobbyists. I take exception with the Church being just another lobbyist (I’m not saying you agree with that).

    We probably agree on social services. I may be a little more compassionate in my approach or at least in my description of it.

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