Political Quick Hit: Mainstream Media Bias

Recently, someone posted as justification for their support for the untested, unvetted, and almost completely unknown cipher Barack Obama that we should look at what the media thinks of McCain following an endorsement from a Chicago newspaper (which has never endorsed a Democrat) and the Miami Herald. To me that would be comparable to looking to the UN begging for an Obama presidency as grounds for supporting Barack Obama.

This journalist believes that the media bias in this election is a last minute “Hail Mary”. He believes that it is an attempt to revive the fairness doctrine which would squash alternative media (AM radio, internet news, bloggers, opinion based shows like O’Reilly and Olbermann, etc) and help revive the floundering institutions of print and broadcast “mainstream” media. It’s pretty obvious that there is a major left wing slant if Dan Rather complains about the left wing bias in MSM


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3 responses to “Political Quick Hit: Mainstream Media Bias

  1. aj

    the Miami Herald? hahahahahahahaha Ever since I can remember, they have been left wing.

    The fairness doctrine= redistribution of information.

  2. I just find it funny that the right has been screaming “media bias” for the longest time, then someone would point to media bias against McCain as a reason to vote for Obama or oppose McCain. What are people thinking? Or are they?

  3. aj

    Is anyone LISTENING to what Obama is actually SAYING, and are they READING what he WROTE? If so, HOW could they actually vote for someone who will raise our taxes, promote welfare, kill entrepreneural incentives, disrespect the life of the unborn, etc? I don’t get it.

    Oh, I forgot, it’s the koolaid.

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