Saturday Top 5: Reasons to Vote for John McCain

Last week, I gave 5 reasons to vote for Barack Obama.  I understand that there are many people who will vote for Obama for many reasons, but if you used the reasons listed last week to determine your vote, you need some help.  Here are the top 5 reasons to select John McCain as President of the United States.

#5 The economy is on the precipice of recession. One candidate wants to lower taxes and stimulate real jobs, the other candidate wants to lower some taxes, give government handouts, and introduce numerous other taxes to pay for his giant nationalization of the free system in America.  Our system is the best and most successful system in the world and we do not need to make the kind of changes Obama is advocating.  We need lower corporate taxes to attract business which creates jobs.  We do not need an all-intrusive government handing money out to her children so they can stay enslaved.  America’s financial strength was not built on the socialistic principles that have failed everywhere they have been implemented.  Economic pain really stinks, but sometimes it is necessary.  Every time we let the government protect us from every pain, it would be like having your mom and dad walking behind you all through life to catch you when you fall.  People have to fall, and people have to get up.  But we cannot live life without ever failing.  Even the greatest men in history failed time and again before they succeeded.

#4 The War in Iraq is being won. Whether or not you believe we should have gone to Iraq in the first place, the issue at this point would be leaving the country in a condition to maintain it’s stability so we would not have to go back in once again.  Obama fought against the surge and will not admit that the surge has worked.  For many weeks, McCain was one of the few politicians who advocated the surge, and it took a while for others to jump on board.  The surge has succeeded beyond everyone’s imagination, and those principles are what we need in Afghanistan.  That is the type of leadership I want in the Whitehouse.  I want a man who will stand up for what is right even when it is not popular.  McCain did that and will continue to do that.  Obama will continue to push for withdrawal of our troops, even on the verge of success and stabilization and even at the expense of the Iraqi people.

#3 The right to keep and bear arms as enumerated in the Bill of Rights is an individual right, not a collective right granted to the state. McCain has a strong record of protecting the individual right to keep and bear arms, and his opponent has the opposite record of trying to restrict the individual rights of Americans.  This is a major reason I am supporting John McCain for POTUS.  As a “bitter clinger“, I am offended and distrustful of any politician that thinks I am too stupid to protect myself and my family.  We should never trust our provision, whether for food, protection, or money to the government.  “FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS!”  🙂

#2 John McCain is not Barack Obama. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest selling points in this election.  McCain will not: sit down with terrorist heads of state and rogue dictators and negotiate; appoint tons of left wing federal judges; destroy the American economy; surround himself with far left advisers; submit to the will of the UN; make a move to restrict individual liberty like free speech, religious speech, and gun rights.  It’s not necessarily a good thing to run on the negative side in politics, but those of us on the right (which is right) do not have an inspiring choice this year.  McCain has no big ideas when it comes to inspiring the masses, but he sure has this going for him… HE’S NOT OBAMA.

#1 Because the innocent unborn must be protected. John McCain has had his share of issues and reasons to not receive my vote.  Most of which are his disappointing bipartisanship and the way he bends over backward to help the left wing Democrats accomplish their mission to raise taxes and weaken the American wage earner, but he has stood firm in support of the innocent unborn.  For this reason it is imperative for me, as a Christian and someone who wants to see life protected, to vote for John McCain for president.  No other issue is as volatile, and no other issue has been as firmly entrenched in our political fight.  This is the first time in years that we actually have a chance to make a difference.  With a minimum of two left wing judges coming off the court in the next 4 years due to retirement, and the court at a 5-4 balance in favor of the left, we can do something big this election.  With a president Obama, the courts left wing majority will be locked in place for possibly another 10 years or more.

There were plenty of other examples I could give to show you why I am supporting McCain in this election.  Please feel free to add to the list or to show why I am wrong.


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5 responses to “Saturday Top 5: Reasons to Vote for John McCain

  1. I already voted for John McCain for 4 out of the 5 reasons that you identified above. I think that the biggest reason for me is I yearn for a return to conservative economics in this country. The 2 most fiscally conservative Presidents of the past 30 years have been Ronald W. Reagan and William Jefferson Clinton. When you spend like a liberal left-wing Democrat (Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush) you get a damaged economy. A Barack Obama Presidency would take this recession that we may or may not be in and extend it for an indefinite period of time into the future. His policies appear to be extreme left-wing. For that matter John McCain’s policies are a little too left-wing for me as well, but as least he’s closer to the middle.

  2. Agreed. What has blown me away even more than the fact people are actually voting for Obama, are the reasons that they chose to do so.

    Change, inspiration, charisma… those things don’t keep America safe, money in pockets or babies from dying.

    P.S. I never had a Mossberg. I had a Remington 870 Tactical Magnum, but I sold it a few months ago to a police officer in Columbus, GA. I sold my Glock 19 also. Had I known that Obama was on his way in, I would have kept them all. I’m actually stockpiling ammo now. If Obama gets in on November 4th, off to the gun show I go to pick that Remington 870 back up and another pistol.

    Pistol grip shotguns are on Obama’s ban list, along with assault rifles, high cap magazines and anything else that is semi-auto. Look forward to 500% increase in sales tax on firearms as well.

    Glock 19 is a sweet little gun. Do you still have your 26?

  3. Shoot me an email to my new address so that I can get your email address.

  4. Paul Robb

    Well said. You make good sense. Your no. 1 reason ,i.e. pro life is my no.1 reason for picking McCain over Obama. Also, you may want to check out Obama’s stumping for his cousin in Kenya at our (taxpayer’s) expense. Let all of us keep on praying that on Nov. 5 we will have elected a moral, honest, principled president.

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