Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup

-Time changing stinks, even when we get a free hour. I prefer that these knuckleheads would pick a time and stick with it. Heart attacks leading up to the Fall time change and directly after the Spring time change are much more probable statistically.

-This morning I made it to the church around 7:10 AM, and Chris Day, my mom, and Tom Little were outside unloading the car with the coffee and food items. Those three are some of the hardest working and most durable parts of the Sunday morning experience for set up and hospitality.

-In Pier 2, Zech was tweaking the sound and production set up. He told me he was only given less than an hour the previous night, but was able to get everything accomplished.

-In the service, we went back a few years to do some old school praise and worship a little bit on the rock side. Jesse was on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Julie on background vox, Josiah on lead guitar, Alex was on the drums, and I played the bass and sang back up vox.

-We sang “Friend of God”, “I Could Sing of Your Love”, U2’s “All I Want Is You”, and for communion “God of Wonders”. In all three services, the music was rocking in a big way. From a technical standpoint, there was nothing better or worse from any of the 3 services except a slow start to “Friend of God”.

-After the 3rd service, Alex jumped on the guitar, Jesse was on the bass, and I played the drums as we played “Better Days”, then we did musical chairs and Jesse grabbed the drums. We jammed to “Break On Through” (Doors), Marley’s “Redemption Song”, some jazzy riff with no name, and then Jesse gave a killer drum solo. Cool stuff!

-We closed out “The Art of War” today. For more on those details, be sure to check out the regular blog crew: Chris Day, Pastor Trav, Jesse, Ritz, and Kelly.

-Overall, it was an awesome day albeit tiring.

-I am in the car with my brother Trav, as we head to Plantation Key for the 4th Life Pointe service of the day. We are stopping at starbucks for some coffee. I reserve the right to amend my blog to include those details.


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2 responses to “Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup

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  2. Billy Finch

    Last night was just completely rippin excellent, great getting to hang with ya!

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