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EIB Award

The award for Excellence in Blogging goes to…

Pastor Trav for “Being the Church“.  Excellent work!


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Friday Bottom 3: TV Talk Shows

These are the three most annoying talk shows I have seen before.

#3 Jenny Jones – On too many occasions, Jenny Jones set up dramatic situations of all types of “crushes” from people who were totally unexpected.  It ended up resulting in the murder of one of her guests.

#2 Ricki Lake – What can be said about this annoying show?  Too many boot camps and makeovers!

#1 Maury Povich – I guess every TV talk show has a gimmick.  On Jerry Springer, it’s fighting on Geraldo, it was throwing chairs, Montel has horrible psychics, well Maury’s is that you run behind the stage when things get tough.  When I am clicking through the channels and Maury is on, I have to change it quickly because it is like a black hole.  YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER!


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