Rhetorical Economic Question

I am hopeful that President Elect Obama can do some very positive things for the nation, especially on the side of moral role modeling and national unity. However, we know that our new President Elect Obama is a big friend of unions, and we know that there will be some form of payback for their help in getting him elected. We also know that people expect him to get the nations economic growth and jobs back on track. My question is: Why do we think that unions are good for the economy when you consider the biggest union states (Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio) have the highest unemployment rates and the worst economies?

I am concerned that if we start throwing bones to the unions, the nations economy will sink to the levels of Ohio, Penn, and especially Michigan. Currently, Michigan is experiencing major negative economic growth and 9% unemployment (and growing). The US economy cannot afford to adopt the failed Democrat/labor union policies that are dragging the rust belt states down.


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4 responses to “Rhetorical Economic Question

  1. yep, labor unions sure expect a payback, such as – doing away with secret ballots; bussiness everywhere are scare, and small bussiness would be in a fight for their very survival.

  2. mike

    Phil, I actually agree with your post.

    I don’t see unions having a positive effect on the growth of the economy. I think they may be the largest contributor to jobs going overseas and your examples of those states heavy in union seem to support that.

    I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy now.

  3. There is a positive effect on the employees and members who keep their jobs, but unchecked they are dangerous. Similarly, corporations cannot be unchecked either because they are just as heartless many times. I prefer a system where employees are able to work as union or non union members.

  4. Interesting point that I never thought about.

    What also confuses me is why all of the coal producing states voted for Obama???

    “Hey Obama, are you going to make me lose my job?”


    “Awesome! I’m voting for you.”

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