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The Max Factor

When Ela requests something, you better snap to it!  Seriously, Max is a funny little fella.  I came home today and he had been tucked away in his day crate which gives him enough room to play a little, eat, and do his business on a puppy pad.  But he it’s still a cage, so it’s not like he has room to run.  I let him out and he ran to the door barking at me to open the door so he could get outside.  After I let him out to the park in front of my house off the leash, he goes to take care of his duties, and runs around in the park chasing leaves anything else that moves.  A fella walks by with his Spitz on a leash and of course, Max does not meet a stranger be it human or animal.  He loves to meet other dogs especially.  So he runs to “Brutus”, the Spitz, and tries to play with him.  All the while, Brutus is looking at him like he’s crazy.  He takes off running circles around the guy with his dog and I am yelling at him to stop and Brutus is chasing Max in circles wrapping his master up in the leash.  Anyway, I met the guy and talked for a while about the association, dogs, the economy, and internet services that are now available.  He really liked Max though, and I apologized for not having Max leashed and causing the trouble.  He was really cool about it.  If only people were like that, friendly with each other that is, not the running circles and playing with each other.  🙂


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Monday Armchair QB

What a wretched week/weekend for South Florida sports, especially football.

The Hurricanes were downgraded to a mere Tropical Depression by the Yellow Jackets running attack. Prior to the game, a GT fan said that Miami was going to be runn all over Thursday because of two coaching mistakes Shannon was making. #1. He instructed the players to swarm to the ball. Against this offense, it’s important to play assignment football, and the swarm mentality will leave players out of position, in overpersuit, and susceptible to misdirection. #2. Shannon instructed the players to tackle high in order to create turnovers. This mistake would cause players to be run over by the large RB HB/FB, QB, and WR’s who are operating this triple option. Miami needed to get lower than the O-Line and ball carriers to keep from getting run over, through, or having tackles broken. Both of these predictions came true and Miami gave up the most yards on the ground since 1944, the second most in school history. You just cannot give up 450 yards total, much less on the ground and expect anything less than a complete embarrassment. Strangely enough, the Canes are still in contention for an ACC championship depending on the outcome of VT’s upcoming match up, GT’s next game, and their own game against NC St.

As for the Dolphins, it was a fun game until late 3rd/early 4th Quarter. The Wildcat was tamed overall, but Pennington had a fine game scoring 3 passing TD’s. NE is now in second place in the division at 7-4, Miami falls back to 6-5 and has a tough road to a possible playoff birth.

In pickem, I was the only picker to pick the greatest pick of the week. I called NY Jets to beat the Titans, thank you very much.

In fantasy football, there will be another shake up. Unless Mason Crosby scores 30 points for me tonight (hahahaha), I am going to lose due to my own trade. It’s ok, I would still have traded Turner, but this week his 36 points beat me. I hit a buzz saw named the Turkey Buzzards who just a few weeks ago were winless. Now the Buzzards are going to have 3 wins in a row and have the week’s high score. I also made a mistake starting Denver on D and benching Thomas Jones who also had a big week.

Stand by until tomorrow for the Fantasy Football Report.

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