The Max Factor

When Ela requests something, you better snap to it!  Seriously, Max is a funny little fella.  I came home today and he had been tucked away in his day crate which gives him enough room to play a little, eat, and do his business on a puppy pad.  But he it’s still a cage, so it’s not like he has room to run.  I let him out and he ran to the door barking at me to open the door so he could get outside.  After I let him out to the park in front of my house off the leash, he goes to take care of his duties, and runs around in the park chasing leaves anything else that moves.  A fella walks by with his Spitz on a leash and of course, Max does not meet a stranger be it human or animal.  He loves to meet other dogs especially.  So he runs to “Brutus”, the Spitz, and tries to play with him.  All the while, Brutus is looking at him like he’s crazy.  He takes off running circles around the guy with his dog and I am yelling at him to stop and Brutus is chasing Max in circles wrapping his master up in the leash.  Anyway, I met the guy and talked for a while about the association, dogs, the economy, and internet services that are now available.  He really liked Max though, and I apologized for not having Max leashed and causing the trouble.  He was really cool about it.  If only people were like that, friendly with each other that is, not the running circles and playing with each other.  🙂


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8 responses to “The Max Factor

  1. Billy Finch

    Did you call Ela Bella a dog?

  2. Ela Bella

    Oh Billy you are funny!!!!

    Thanks Phil for the information on Max 🙂
    I love dogs and this one is funny, cute and does what a puppy does. Have fun potty training him, although I hear he is getting the hang of it.

    Love ya…….

  3. Give Max his own weekly series on here.

  4. I was thinking about that. I will try it out and see how the Max Factor works out. 🙂

  5. Ela Bella

    Yeah I like that idea. Max you have a faithful reader. HAHAHA
    Make sure you post pics so we can see him.

    Not that I don’t love you anyless Phil.:)

  6. OK, so the readers have demanded Max pictures and a weekly Max blog. So it shall be.

  7. anne johnson

    “The Weekly Max”

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