Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup

  • I was running a bit late for service this morning; well it was later than I normally get there, anyway.  I usually arrive at around 7:00, but this morning I arrived at about 7:30.
  • Chris greeted me in the lobby between services or before, I can’t remember.  But he was upset that he forgot to make two picks last week in the second chance league.  He will probably use that as an excuse when I come back and over take him for the league lead!
  • The worship was a little different than normal for a couple reasons.
  1. Jesse was sick so he did not sing.  Instead, Mike B. led worship and did a great job.
  2. There was no keyboard so Bill grabbed an acoustic and I played the bass.
  • That left Julie on back up vox, Josiah returned to the electric twanger, Jesse played rhythm guitar, and Alex was the beat machine and was fantastic as usual.
  • We sang “Salvation is Here”, “Open the Eyes of My Heart”, “Your Love is Extravagant”, and for communion we sang “Holy is the Lord”.
  • This was Paul‘s last Sunday with LPC.  He will be missed.  Trav took a week off from speaking as Paul was bringing the message on this his final Sunday.
  • For his encore, Paul spoke today on Jonah regarding obedience to God.  It was appropriate considering this time of change was also a time of obedience to the Lord’s call in his life.
  • He also recounted the story of his first week here at Life Pointe in which we were snorkeling for lobster in the middle of the night and his experience trying to dive without weights.  He also noted that it was only his second time snorkeling ever.  I was not aware of that at the time.
  • Paul has promised that he would blog the answers to any questions anyone would ask. I look forward to his update since it has been a while. It must be a big occasion for Paul to blog!
  • Paul speaks on Jonah in his last service with LPC.

    Paul speaks on Jonah in his last service with LPC.

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******In other news, there is a tornado watch for all of South Florida until 8:00 PM.  They also say we could experience sustained winds tonight from 25-40 MPH and gusts up to 60 MPH.  Please be advised.******

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