The Max Factor

Every time I post a picture or a new video of Maximus minimus, you can see his puppiness disappearing and his dogginess growing.  In the video, Max had been fetching for about 20 minutes, so I ran in to get a camera.  By the time I got out, all he wanted to do was chill out in the shade.  It was sunny and a little warm.  Maltese don’t look so cute and cuddly when they are muddy.

Here are a couple of pictures to show how much the little guy is growing.

Max in Motion

Max in Motion

Maximus Minimus

Maximus Minimus

Max the Maltese poser.

Max the Maltese poser.

Max's Power Nap

Max's Power Nap


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5 responses to “The Max Factor

  1. Ela

    He is totally a “babe”. Is true he has grown a lot since I first saw him. Keep them videos & pics coming.

  2. Max = Totally Adorable ! I love this new weekly blog series. Take Max on a long ‘Walk-A-Thon’ around the neighbourhood and then report on his findings. That would be really cool to do.

  3. Hey Chris, that sounds like a great idea. I will loan you Max on Saturday, and you can do the blog! 🙂

  4. Your mop has eyes and a mouth…? HA HA!

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