Thought Soup

-On Tuesday night, I enjoyed a Christmas party for one of the Life Pointe Life Groups.
-We had some great food including “dump cake”, BBQ wings, beef stew, chicken salad, pizza rolls, brownies, macaroni salad, and pound cake.
-The highlight of the evening was a group game of Taboo in which my dominating team gave up a 10 point to lose right at the end.
-People really got into it and took it pretty seriously. It was fun and funny. If you’ve never played, you should try it out some time.
-I took my Raleigh Technium down to Jeremy at the bike repair in Sports Authority in the Homestead Pavilion just off Campbell Drive to get it tuned up, repaired, and ready for action. Even though the bike is now over 17 years old, it’s still very light and functional.
-Most road bikes now are equipped with more user-friendly gears on the handle. The controls and gears on the Techium are down on the frame. That’s OK though.
-My dad and I were talking about taking a ride out to Everglades park for a camping trip or to walk Anhinga trail. I think I’ll take my road bike since it’s lighter and far more efficient than the mountain bike.
-I forgot how much fun cycling is. When Trav and I were teens we would frequently ride out to the Redlands or to Cutler Ridge Mall. Those were the days.
-FYI, it was my Technium that I would ride on those trips.
-In the world of politics and news, this has been a big week. The governor of Illinois has attempted to sell the soon to be vacant US Senate seat for president elect Barack Obama.
-According to Obama’s staff, Obama had conversations with Governor Blagojevic about the seat, however Obama has stated that he hasn’t spoken to the governor about the seat. Is this the start of a scandal? Better believe that it is.
-Once again, Obama is distancing himself from an ally. The words “I really didn’t know him that well, we weren’t close” have been uttered once more.
-Add Blagojevic to the growing list of those close to Obama which he does not really know that well, including Rezko, Ayers, Rev. Wright, Al Capone (EKOJ).
-Jesse Jackson Jr. has been confirmed to be the mysterious “candidate #5” discussed on the phone by the governor and his surrogate and the amount of $1 million has been mentioned in exchange for the seat. Jackson vehemently denies any wrong doing.
-Why did they end the investigation so quickly. They could have let it play out to catch the players who were involved, instead they got a flimsy conspiracy charge that may not even stand up in court.
-They say that this is just the Chicago way. You have to “pay to play.”. There are actually talking heads who are defending this garbage.
-Change you can believe in? Is that change from incompetence to corruption? This will be a long 4 years.


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5 responses to “Thought Soup

  1. I think that ‘incompetence’ is an unfairly harsh term to describe the current administration. They weren’t perfect. They made mistakes. They were competent. It’s been a tough 7 years and 3 months since September 11TH 2001. It’s tough to govern this nation when over 80% of us no longer believes in him (President Bush).

  2. I think incompetence is fair considering his handling of budgets, his inability to say no to spending, his handling of appointments like Harriet Miers, appointing Powell and then allowing him to run a state department in opposition to his administration, and his inability to defend himself and represent the party’s interests. While I don’t agree or disagree with everything that Bush has done, he has been fairly incompetent in his ability to communicate his vision and goals over the past 6 years, and he has seemed to act as if Obama does not even exist any more.

  3. I obviously disagree with you, but let me ask you this: 16 years ago what did you think of President George H.W. Bush’s four years in office ? Has his legacy improved or deteriorated over time ?

  4. Oops, I said Obama when I meant Osama. 🙂 I think GHW Bush was not a bad president. But he was a political failure. GWB has been more of a short term political success, but he has failed in many areas. GHW blindly plowed through his time without manning his political guard. He let Clinton, Buchanan, and Perot completely catch him off guard. He broke his promise to the American public because he was bullied by the Dems on “no new taxes”. He signed the ADA which hampered business. GWB did many positive things socially and in foreign policy. Economically, he has not been a conservative allowed his own party to run him over on spending. No Child Left Behind, his tax cuts for people who don’t even pay taxes, and the prescription drug benefits for Medicare/Medicaid were big mistakes. And he has had a problem, it seems, managing his own staff and cabinet. So I don’t consider him a failure, but I do consider his administration to be somewhat incompetent.

  5. It is hard to imagine that his glorious Majesty OBAMA is not also a dirtbag, you know…coming from the same filthy swamps of chicago left-wing politics and all, but… who cares who he really is and what he actually represents anyways? after all, HE is going to be our great ruler and moral leader, HE certainly knows what is best for the rest us…. Plus, I’m sure that it Bush’s fault and somehow that darn Bush managed to frame poor Blago.

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